Wooden Blocks ( Snatch / Marine / Shackle / Hook / Sailing / Boat / Varnished / Lifting / Pulling )

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Wooden blocks are a type of pulley block that can be used for various towing and lifting applications. With a galvanised finish to help against corrosion to ensure that the equipment you purchase is going to have a long working life, and a wood varnish for a traditional look, you can be sure that all of your equipment is of a high standard. The wooden blocks are primarily used in the marine and sailing industry due to their varnished look which helps them to blend into the characteristics of the boat. The blocks that we provide here at SecureFix Direct are used in rigging, and for lifting or pulling heavy loads. We offer wooden blocks with single, double or treble sheaves, so there is plenty of option when it comes to choosing the right equipment for your application.

We understand how important safety is when it comes to lifting or pulling heavy loads, especially in unpredictable and dangerous environments such as on a boat or on a construction site. Because of this, we provide a test certificate with all of our wooden block purchases, so you can be sure that your equipment is safe and tested to industry standards, at maximum weight capacity.

Shackles, Hooks, Safety Catches and Snatch Blocks

The wooden blocks that we stock as part of our comprehensive lifting, towing and hoisting equipment range, come in a range of shell sizes from 3” to 12” and with a variety of heads such as shackles and hooks. Some of these hooks have safety catches which ensure optimum safety when being used, which we know is one of the prime factors when choosing a wooden block. In addition to our wooden blocks, we also provide wooden snatch blocks with either a swivel hook or swivel oval eye, which can also be used for re-directing rope. Our customers’ safety is important to us, so we provide warnings of what the maximum weight capacity for the equipment is (tested thoroughly as shown by our test certificates) and we urge customers to not exceed these maximum weight capacities. Our weight capacities range from 0.2 tonnes to 1.4 tonnes so there is a wooden block for all of your needs and requirements.

Why choose SecureFix Direct?

Here at SecureFix Direct, we have been providing high quality hoisting and rigging equipment for a number of years, and specialise in providing expert items at the best prices. We pride ourselves on our impressive customer service, whether you’re a new customer looking for a wooden block for your application, or a returning customer looking for after-purchase support, our friendly team will be there to assist you every step of the way. With a free delivery and fast dispatch service, you can have your purchase in no time at all. If you have any questions about our range of wooden blocks, or any other general enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team today.