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Tyre Savers & Wheel Chocks

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A simple and easy solution to prevent your vehicle from rolling when parked.



Our Chocks are used to prevent vehicles from moving when they're jacked up



Designed to be used with vehicles or trailers to prevent them from moving



Prevent flat spots when your vehicle is parked for long periods by using our Tyre Savers.



Our ridged plastic Tyre Savers are ideal for preventing flat spos on your caravan tyres. 



These Tyre Savers are bright yellow and have handles for easy positioning.



Our Large Wheel Chock is the ideal solution to ensure that your HGV, trailer or motorhome stays where you intended when parked



These wheel chocks provide safety and stability for your parked caravan or trailer and gives peace of mind that your vehicle will stay where you left it.



Set of 4  wheel chocks to provide to safety and stability for your parked vehicle to give peace of mind that it will stay where you left it.



Our wheel chocks designed to assist in preventing your tyres from rolling.



Use our safety chocks to secure your vehicle on uneven surfaces.