Theatre Wire Rope Hoists ( Lifting / Pulling )

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800KG 0.8T ACE Wire Rope Hoist Winch - 1250KG 1.25T Pull, 0.8 Ton Lift
3200KG 3.2T ACE Wire Rope Hoist Winch - 5000KG 5T Pull, 3.2 Ton Lift
1600KG 1.6T ACE Wire Rope Hoist Winch - 2500KG 2.5T Pull, 1.6 Ton Lift

When it comes to setting and building the stage you want to ensure that you only use the best items that will ensure security and safety. That is why here at SecureFix Direct we only supply the highest quality products. The theatre wire rope hoists we have are second to none and all are supplied with 20 metres of wire rope and a handle.

The wire rope we supply comes fitted with a hook and safety catch; on top of that the hoist has overload protection to ensure high personal safety when operating. Our theatre wire rope hoists are made from an aluminium body with steel inner parts enabling them to be highly durable and heavy duty. Here at SecureFix Direct safety is incredibly important to us, so when you order from us we include a test certificate which ensures our products are up to safety standard.

Portable Wire Rope Hoists

Our theatre wire rope hoists are not just versatile but also a portable unit ideal for pulling, lifting, lowering and securing loads while being easy and safe to use. As we regard safety very highly we ask for you not to exceed the maximum weight limit.

The theatre wire rope hoists are not only suitable for stage equipment they are appropriate for applications in other industries including constructions, oil and chemical companies, mines and quarries, agricultural and forestry. The colour on our wire rope hoists can vary, many theatres choose black to blend in with the background, please feel free to contact us to make this request.

High Quality Stage & Theatre Rigging Equipment

Here at SecureFix Direct we have been supplying only the very best stage and theatre rigging equipment for many years now. On top of that we also offer the best deals and a free, fast delivery so you can be assured that we will aim to dispatch your items as soon as possible. With our vast experience and dedicated customer support service we urge that if you are unsure on the right products for you, to please contact a member of our staff, who will be more than happy to assist you, should you need it. If you require any more information then please get in touch.