Theatre Geared Trolleys ( Beam / Attachment / Pulling / Lifting / Hoisting / Tackle )

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Our geared trolleys are suitable to hold a range of weights from 1 ton to 5 tons. Our range is made to be attached to steel beams and to act as a lifting point for chain blocks, hoists and lifting tackle. In addition to acting as a lifting point, our steel beams can manoeuvre backwards and forwards across steel beams with ease. The gears of the geared trolleys can be controlled by chains, so any lifting or manoeuvring can be done as easily as possible.

Theatre Geared Trolleys Safety

Safety and security is one of the aims that are at the centre of SecureFix Direct’s value, and we are determined to consistently provide high quality products that will contain the optimum levels of safety. We understand the importance of safety when it comes to stage and theatre rigging equipment, so we provide a safety test certificate with all of our geared trolleys. We know that stage rigging is no mean feat and when setting up a stage it is always important to work within the safest limits of health and safety. Our equipment is there to help you ensure that your set up can be putting up safely and effectively first time, without any room for accidents. Our geared trolleys will help you to manoeuvre equipment up and down beams safely.

Why Choose SecureFix Direct For Your Stage Equipment

Here at SecureFix Direct, we specialise in stage and theatre rigging equipment and have been providing the highest quality products at some of the best prices on the market for several years. We are confident that we have all of the equipment that you need to set up your stage safely and effectively. We’re also dedicated to providing the very best levels of customer support, so if you’re a new customer looking for stage or theatre rigging equipment, or you’re a returning customer looking for after-sales advice, a member of our expert team is always on hand to help. We also offer a free delivery with fast despatch service so you can be sure to get your theatre geared trolleys as soon as possible. The prices on our website also include VAT so there are no hidden costs. If you have any questions regarding our stage and theatre rigging equipment or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.