Stage & Theatre Rigging Equipment

Stage & Theatre Rigging Equipment

If you're looking for specialist stage & theatre rigging equipment, you've come to the right place. Here at SecureFix Direct we all of the stock the tools and equipment you need to set the stage, wherever your stage may be. Not only do we have a huge selection of products to choose from, we stock them all at the lowest prices online. Whether you need beam clamps, chain blocks or you simply need shackles, we’re here to help.

Stage Rigging

Stage rigging is no mean feat. When setting up a stage, whether at the park or at your local theatre, you always need to work with the strictest of health and safety in mind. If your stage isn't set up properly with the right theatre equipment, the chances of your stage set-up functioning safely and effectively are not particularly high. Considering everything that a stage is put through during a performance, it's important that the stage is set right the first time, every time. A large part of that is making sure that you use the right stage & theatre rigging equipment.

Our adjustable beam clamps are perfect for anyone looking to lift chain blocks, hoists or tackles up on steel beams. Our geared trolleys will allow you to move your equipment up and down the beams quickly and safely, and our hoists are designed to smoothly ratchet your loads up, with automatic brake disks to catch any weight over 30KG which begins to fall. Our theatre equipment here at SecureFix Direct is all manufactured and supplied with the utmost levels of safety in mind.

We don't just sell equipment used on your beams and scaffolds here at SecureFix direct - we also sell a wide range of other stage equipment such as black theatre shackles with screw pins, wire rope hoists with winches and even heavy duty wire rope crimping tools. Whatever it is you need from your stage rigging & theatre equipment, we're confident that we can help here today.

Why Choose SecureFix Direct for your Stage Equipment?

Here at SecureFix Direct we've been supplying the very best stage & theatre rigging equipment for several years now, all at the best possible price online. With our vast experience and our dedication to becoming the UK's leading supplier of theatre rigging and stage equipment, we're confident that we can help you today. We're dedicated to providing the very best level of aftermarket support, meaning that when you choose SecureFix Direct, you can shop with the confidence that you're not just getting quality stage rigging, you're getting the best quality customer service around.

If you have any questions about which piece of theatre rigging equipment is right for your production, please don't hesitate to get in contact. A member of our expert team will be more than happy to talk you through your options to help you make an informed purchase today.


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