Shovels & Spades

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Round Mouth Shovel With Fibreglass Handle - Irish / American
Square Shovel With Wooden Handle - Spade / Digging / Garden
Square Shovel With Fibreglass Handle - Spade / Digging / Garden
Spade With Wooden Handle, Black Grip - Shovel / Digging / Garden
Spade With Wooden Handle, Blue Grip - Shovel / Digging / Garden
Aluminium Grain Shovel With Wooden Handle - Garden / Spreader
Post Digging Spade, Yellow Painted - Garden / Hole / Posthole

We take great pride in providing all the gardening essentials here at SecureFix Direct. We have the widest range of shovels and spades to meet your needs. From square shovels with wooden handles to our post digging yellow painted spade. The post digging spade is ideally used for digging out the holes to insert fencing posts due to its smaller, more defined head

Shovels & Spades with Wooden/Fibreglass Handles

Here at SecureFix Direct we have the widest range of shovels and spades that can be used for a selection of applications including digging, moving, lifting and transferring different materials like soil, gravel, snow, sand, coal and many more.

Our shovels and spades make all agricultural, gardening, construction and landscaping jobs far easier and faster to complete. Our shovels and spades either come with a wooden handle which has a ‘D’ shape handle to aid a comfortable grip. The other set of shovels and spades feature a fibreglass handle which helps reduce the weight enabling them to be easier to carry and to transport.

The Best Gardening Equipment At SecureFix Direct

All of our garden equipment and landscaping tools are made in mind to be highly durable and be able to withstand any conditions, as well as lasting for many years to come. For further details on any of our products please make sure you get in touch with a member of our team today.