Sheave & Snatch Blocks (Swivel / Eye / Hook / Wire Rope / Pulling / Crane Block / Lifting / Pulling)

Here at SecureFix Direct we provide the highest quality of lifting and towing equipment that can be used for various applications. Our sheave and snatch blocks that we supply here are no exception and are second to none. At SecureFix Direct safety is highly important to us that is why we only provide the best quality of products.

When it comes to carrying out heavy lifts or tows, we have a wide variety of sheave and snatch blocks that will ensure all lifts and tows are carried out safely and with complete ease. Each and every one of our sheave and snatch blocks here at SecureFix Direct come with a test certificate included to ensure they up to industry standard. Our range of sheath and snatch blocks is extensive and varied yet all of them can be used for redirecting wire rope. All have a blue paint finish to aid against rust and corrosion, enabling them to be long lasting and highly durable even in extreme weather conditions.

Sheave & Snatch Blocks With Swivel Hook/Oval Eye

At SecureFix Direct we have the widest range when it comes to pulley blocks. As we have sheave and snatch blocks that come in either single or double all of which swivel with either an oval eye or hook and a safety catch. As our pulley blocks swivel not only do they make a great piece of equipment for various towing and lifting applications but they are perfect for redirecting wire rope.

Your safety is extremely important to us here at SecureFix Direct so please ensure that the safe working load is not exceed. Choosing the right equipment can be difficult especially when there is so much choice. If you are in need of assistance our staff can help you choose the correct equipment for you and your needs.

The Best Lifting Equipment Here At SecureFix Direct

We only supply the highest quality of products at the most competitive prices here at SecureFix Direct. There is no need to look elsewhere as we are confident we have everything you need. We take great pride in our service that is why we have a dedicated customer support system as well as a free and fast delivery. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff if you need help or have any problems.


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