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Rack & Pinion Jacks / Lifting / Lowering / Adjusting / Machine

Here at SecureFix Direct we offer a wide a comprehensive range of rack and pinion jacks. These rack and pinion jacks are available in a variety of tonnages from 5 ton – 15 ton. Rack and pinion jacks provide an easier alternative to lifting, lowering and securing adjustments. The rack and pinion jacks we supply can lift and lower loads with optimum load capacity and exhibit versatile functionality. For building site applications, our rack and pinion jacks are ideal due to their rigid framework, the way they stand out against a construction sites’ dust and dirt due to their bright blue paint and their easy to use functionality.

Our range of rack and pinion jacks are secure and practical, and with a heavy duty 15 tonne lifting capacity, our rack and pinion mechanism can be used for a wide number of uses, including machinery, lowering and adjusting. It is important that the SWL is not exceeded when the jack is in use to ensure optimum safety.

Rack and Pinion Jacks by the Experts

A steel jack is standard equipment for tool and machinery shops, contractors, shipyards, agriculture and workshops as well as construction sites. We guarantee that our stock is of the highest quality to ensure you get the most out of your money. The robust design and solid material guarantee a long service life and a high level of stability so you know that your equipment is safe to use. Rack and pinion jacks are vital components for any industry and we provide three different examples, complete with a blue paint finish, that are capable of working with a variety of tonnages in order to suit all of your needs and requirements.

Whether you’re unsure which rack and pinion jack is ideal for your application, or whether you’re a returning customer looking for some after-purchase support, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team today.

Why choose SecureFix Direct for your Rack and Pinion Jacks?

We’ve been dedicated to providing the highest quality hoist and lifting gear at unbeatable prices for several years. With our vast experience and broad knowledge of rack and pinion jacks, we offer a variety of weight capacities to suit your needs and requirements. We stock the high quality products you have been looking for and we take pride in our high levels of customer service. We offer a free delivery service that comes with a fast dispatch so your shopping experience is made that little bit easier. If you have any questions, or other general enquiries, feel free to contact a member of our team.

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This lifting jack is ideal for lifting small, to medium, vehicles, and machinery.



This high capacity, heavy duty jack is commonly implemented in industrial settings.



Our Low Profile Jacks are portable, efficient and heavy duty.



This Rack And Pinion Jack Is Perfect For Manual Mechanical Lifting.



Our Rack And Pinion Jack Is Great For Mechanical Lifting.



This Rack And Pinion Jack Is Great For Lifting Uses.



Lift Equipment Precisely with our Rack and Pinion Jack.



This jack can lift 5 Ton, which is ideal for lifing a variety of vehicles and machinery.