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Microfibre Cloths And Brushes

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Clean up liquid spills, pet hair and more with this set of brushes.



The rubber head makes these ultra effective at sweeping tough mess.


Cleaning your wheels is a doddle with the ease of the long handle and the nature of the brushes bristles.



Our 2 in 1 wheel cleaning solution, the brush and sprayer gets your wheels shining in no time.



Clear those air vents with ease, reach those crevices and get them clean. This handy 3 piece tool will be a great investment to finish off a standard car clean.



Easily wash your vehicles' nooks and crannies with our Long Handled Car Wash Brush!



A 2 in one mitt and suction hand pump helping you clean with ease.



Our Super-absorbent sponges are fantastic for your general purpose cleaning needs.



Give yourself the power of incredible cleaning!



Your new brush is deal for cleaning tiles, grout, shower doors and much more.



Make your windscreen sparkingly clean with this easy to use long reach microfibre wipe.



Effortlesly clean your home and car with the help of our fantastic microfibre cleaning mitt.



With a wide variety of uses, these mircofibre cloths are a really handy item to own, while making cleaning easier than before.



Avoid scratches and dirty marks with a new clean mitt and head for your easy wash hand pump.



Get your pet hair cleared easily with our rubber brush set.