Microfibre Cloths And Brushes

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Microfibre Cloths And Brushes
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2 x Telescopic Rubber Brooms & Brushes Set - Remove Pet Hair Lint Sweeping Squeegee
Clean up liquid spills, pet hair and more with this set of brushes.
4 x Telescopic Rubber Brooms & Brushes Set - Remove Pet Hair Lint Sweeping Squeegee
The rubber head makes these ultra effective at sweeping tough mess.
Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush (Soft Bristle Car Rim With Sprayer)
Our 2 in 1 wheel cleaning solution, the brush and sprayer gets your wheels shining in no time.
Car Detailing Interior Brush Set (3 Piece Crevice, Dash & Vent Clean Dashboard)
Clear those air vents with ease, reach those crevices and get them clean. This handy 3 piece tool will be a great investment to finish off a standard car clean.
Car Wash Stick Long Handled (Extendable Cleaning Brush Soft Lambs Wool)
A 2 in one mitt and suction hand pump helping you clean with ease.
Electric Cleaning Brush with 4 Heads  (Scrubber Bathroom Kitchen Floor Tile Cordless Rechargable)
Give yourself the power of incredible cleaning!
Electric Scrub Cleaning Brush - Telescopic Long Handle & 4 Brush Heads
Your new brush is deal for cleaning tiles, grout, shower doors and much more.
Long Handle Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush - Reach Valet Clean Car Bike
Cleaning your wheels is a doddle with the ease of the long handle and the nature of the brushes bristles.
Long Reach Microfibre Interior Windscreen Cleaner & Spray Bottle - Glass Wipe Pad Demister Clean
Make your windscreen sparkingly clean with this easy to use long reach microfibre wipe.
Microfibre Cleaning Cloths Large x10 - 280GSM Large Multi Purpose Clean Car
With a wide variety of uses, these mircofibre cloths are a really handy item to own, while making cleaning easier than before.
Replacement Mitt And Head for Easy Wash Hand Pump - Spare Lambs Wool Mop Clean
Avoid scratches and dirty marks with a new clean mitt and head for your easy wash hand pump.
Rubber Broom & Brush Set - Remove Pet Hair Lint Sweeping Squeegee Telescopic
Get your pet hair cleared easily with our rubber brush set.