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Metric Collar Long Shank Eyebolts

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The Long Shank collar Eye Bolts are perfect use for lifting and holding in place machinery for your benefit. With different sizes to suit.



The perfect accessory to help thread cable or rope. The collared design makes angular load bearing straightforward.



Ropes or cables can be anchored to or fed through the protruding loop on our Collared Eyebolts suitable for lifting and stabalizing loads.



Our Long Shank Eyebolts are perfect for use in many situations including as grounding points for lifting gear. Test Certificate sent via email.



These Long Shank Eyebolts can be used for hoisting when using rope or cable. The eye bolt has a threaded shank which is securely screwed into a structure.



Our Long Shank Eyebolts can be suitable for various uses such as attachment points on vehicles enabaling to lift heavy loads.



Our Long Shank Eyebolts can be used for a variety of applications such as a pulley system when lifting and moving heavy loads.