Marine Safety Equipment

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10 Piece, Wood Plug Pin Set - Yacht / Boat / Marine
5 Step Emergency Safety Rescue Ladders - Marine Yacht Boat Hang Over Board
Bosuns Chair Suspension Seat - Marine Safety Boatswain Masthead Repair Harness
Search Light With Wireless Remote Control - Spot Lamp Boat Yacht Marine
Double (2) Hook Boat Safety Line - Deck Boat Fasten Harness Cord Lifejacket Yacht
Triple (3) Hook, Boat Safety Line - Deck / Boat / Harness / Cord / Lifejacket / Yacht
Emergency Marine Bag - Grab / Equipment / Water Resistant / Storage / Safety
Floating Folding Lifecraft Cutter Stainless Steel - Rope Net Safety Survival Emergency
Man Overboard Safety Rescue Kit - Lifebuoy Rope Light MOB Set
Extra Large 100N Buoyance Aid - Orange Jacket Visibilty Float Safety Reflective
Water Plastic Scoop Bailer - Marine Hand Pump Boat Dinghy Tenders Yacht Bilge
50M Sounding Line - Lead Bathymetry Depth Vessel Boat
Emergency Marine Safety & Cleaning Kit - Lifebuoy Light Cutter Mirror Bag Ladder
Floating Flashing Lifebuoy Light - Marine Boat Safety Survival Accessory
Nylon Mast Head Signal Ball - Day Shapes Ball Signalling Anchored Masthead
Nylon Mast Head Signal Cone - Day Shapes Masthead Triangle Signalling
Safety Snap Hook To Suit Safety Harness - Belt Double Locking Fall Arrest Cherry Picker
Signalling Mirror - Safety Emergency Lifesaving Rescue Signal Distress Hiking

At SecureFix Direct we make it our mission to be the one-stop shop for all your marine safety equipment. Our huge range of items will ensure you won't be disappointed, as we stock products including safety rescue ladders, emergency marine bags, suspension seats and much more. Plenty of people head straight to SecureFix Direct when they require marine safety equipment, so take a look at our extensive list of items and make your purchase today.

Our emergency ladders can prove to be a vital part of your yacht safety equipment. They can be easily attached to a boat just in case they're needed, and the person climbing up would only need to pull the handle for the ladder to deploy. The steps are made from strong plastic so they won't let you down when the time comes. We also stock rescue kits just in case passengers on your boat go overboard. These contain essential boat safety equipment, including a lifebuoy, a 30 metre lifeline rope and a lifebuoy light. We have everything you need to stay safe when you're on the water.

Marine Spot Lights

If you're looking for marine spot lights then you’ve come to the right place. We stock high quality, wireless remote control spot lights that can help you when the sun goes down. These are water resistant and the search light can rotate left and right, making them as convenient as possible to operate. There's also a 'blinking' feature on the light which can be turned on using the wireless remote control. Marine spot lights can be invaluable for your boat, so buy yours from SecureFix Direct now.

Why should I choose SecureFix Direct for marine safety equipment?

For years we've been providing the very best in marine safety equipment, and we know what customers need from their items. Whether it's ladders, lights, safety lines or anything else, you can pick them up right here. If you're unsure about what you need then you can always get in touch with our team, and we'll be more than happy to assist you with any purchase you’re hoping to make.

If you ever have any questions about safety equipment or any of the other items from SecureFix Direct then please don’t hesitate to call a friendly member of our team today.