Manual Stackers & Semi Electric Stackers ( Portable / Pallet / Winch / Lifting )

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120KG x 1 Metre Mini Winch Stacker - Adjustable Fork Pallet Manual Narrow
0.5 Ton x 1.1 Metre Mini Hand Stacker - 500KG Fork Pallet Truck Manual
1 Ton x 1.6 Metre Hand Stacker - 1000KG High Lift Fork Pallet Truck Manual
1.5 Ton x 1.6 Metre Hand Stacker - 1500KG High Lift Fork Pallet Truck Manual
1.5 Ton x 2.5 Metre Semi Electric Manual Hand Stacker - 1500KG High Lift Fork Pallet Truck
2 Ton x 1.6 Metre Hand Stacker - 2000KG High Lift Fork Pallet Truck Manual
1 Ton x 2.5 Metre Manual Hand Stacker - 1000KG High Lift Fork Pallet Truck
1 Ton x 1.5 Metre Straddle Leg Hand Stacker - 1000KG Fork Pallet Truck Manual
1 Ton x 2.8 Metre Straddle Leg Hand Stacker - 1000KG Fork Pallet Truck Manual
If you’re looking for high quality mechanical handling equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Here at SecureFix Direct we stock a huge range of manual stackers to help you safely and securely lift and carry a load, whether you work in a warehouse, a factory or at a storage unit. We stock manual hand stackers which can carry up to 1000Kg loads, all the way down to smaller, lighter mini winch stackers for those smaller jobs. Whichever model you have your eye on, all of these high quality manual stackers which are specially designed to help make your job easier.

Mini Winch Stacker

Our mini winch stackers are capable of lifting and carrying a 120Kg load through the narrow corridors you find at storage units and packed warehouses. These manual stackers can either be loaded with a metre’s worth of items, or it can lift your load up to a metre, helping you work more efficiently, and more effectively.
Our manual hand stackers are slightly more heavy duty, capable of lifting a 2000Kg weight over a metre high. These hand stackers serve as a cheaper, more manoeuvrable alternative to a forklift, capable of narrower corridors and tighter turns. Because of the weight they carry, the forks on these manual hand stackers feature high strength, heavy duty, single piece ‘C’ section forks you can rely on. We also sell a premium model which features a brake for the wheels, ensuring that your stacker remains stationary when not in use, along with the ability to raise the load either by foot or by hand.
Finally we have ultimate tool in mechanical handling – the straddle leg hand stacker. This extremely heavy duty manual stacker is capable lifting a 1000Kg weight up to 2.85m into the air, featuring the same heavy duty forks ‘C’ section forks and foot pumps seen on the smaller models. However, unlike the smaller models, the wide base and straggle legs on this high lift manual stacker allow for access to closed bottom pallets up to 1270mm in width. When you’re looking for high lift manual stackers capable of a wide range of applications, we’re confident that we have the perfect piece of equipment for you here today.

Why Choose SecureFix Direct for your Manual Hand Stackers?

Here at SecureFix Direct we’re dedicated to providing the most versatile range of manual stackers and mechanical handling equipment around, all at the most competitive prices online. We’ve been supplying a wide range of industries in the UK with mechanical handling equipment like these manual stackers for several years now, helping us discover exactly what you want and need from your mechanical handling equipment. If you have any questions about which of these models is perfect for your warehouse or factory, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today.