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Looking for tools or hardware? Here you will find everything we have to offer, from mallets to shock cord assemblies or even heavy duty plastic storage boxes. All of our products offer their own unique properties to aid you with your building needs. One example is the socket and wrench set which has everything you need to be prepared for securing nuts, bolts and more.


We have a wide range of gardening and landscaping equipment. There are posts and supports which are used to keep fences upright; to strain or tension wire fencing we have fencing strainers. When it comes to landscaping there is a diverse amount of products to choose from, backpack sprayers to high tensile wire rope cutters, all of which shall leave your landscapes looking at its best.


You can also discover a variety of snow products all designed to make the winter months easier. For example the Padded Foam Handle Ice Scraper will scrape away any ice from your windscreen. We also have available a range of folding or collapsing home essentials such as buckets, washing up bowels, dish racks and laundry baskets. All can be stored in small spaces, making them ideal for caravans, motorhomes and university accommodation.

Fire Ladders - Fire Blankets & Fire Extinguishers

Keep your family safe from fire with our selection of Fire Ladders, designed to get you out of a multi story building when trying to escape danger. We also have Fire Blankets & Fire Extinguishers to keep you safe from chip oil / fat and electrical fires. See our full set of fire fighting safety equipment here.

Christmas Decorations & Ornaments

See our range of Christmas Ornaments & Christmas Figurines. Our amazing Christmas Ornament & Christmas statue selection include, Christmas Animal Figurines & Christmas Pet Ornaments, Christmas Garden Decorations & Christmas Room Decorations. We also have a range of fantastic Santa Figurines & Santa Ornaments & Snowman Figurines & Santa Ornaments. Maybe explore our Christmas tree decorations .

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products

Our large 40L Flexible Rubber Bucket would be perfect for feeding your horse or other animals. 

Our waterproof buckets have a large 40L capacity and are perfect for feeding your horses or other animals.