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Here at SecureFix Direct we are proud to be suppliers of the world renowned Transcool evaporative cooler. Transcool are known for their effective, fair cost and durable evaporative coolers. 

Transcool is a lightweight, portable and versatile, evaporative cooler, they are supremely convenient and are a great way to keep both youur family and your dog / pet cool. The Transcool unit is the ideal solution for you to remain cool at home or in the car, caravan, tent, camper, boat, truck or 4WD.

As well as supplying the Transcool evaporative cooling fan, we also are able to supply a range of Transcool accessories. We have Transcool filter pads & Transcool ducting hose.

Our Transcool air coolers are available in either black or white.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products
Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products

Keep your cool during the warmer weather at home or in the office with our fantastic Portable Air Cooler

Halogen heaters are particularly useful, due to the instant heat that they produce.

You won't notice it's there, but you'll certainly feel its heat!

There isn't a more cost effective, compact way to heat a room!

Our air conditioning unit with patented spiral retractable duct design allows easy installation and is ideal for keeping your vehicle at the temperature you desire.

Be the coolest person in the office with our personal air cooling unit.

This Heater Is Great During The Winter To Keep You Warm.

Stay cooler for longer with our Transcool evaporative air cooler. One small unit offers an abundance of cooling features.

Our Heating mat is perfect for when your feet need that extra bit of warmth!

4.5 inch USB Desk Fan with metal body and blades.

Stay cooler for longer with our effective, lightweight, and compact Transcool Evaporative Air Cooler.

Want to cool 2 locations simultaneously? Our Transcool Ducting Kit could be just what you need. 

Keep your Transcool Air Cooler running efficiently with our Replacement Filter Pads.

Our portable energy efficient Transcool Air Cooling Unit will keep you feeling fresh on many hot summer days to come!

These fans are available in Blue or Pink and can provide soothing cool air where ever it may be needed.