Hand Power Pullers ( Compact / Heavy Duty / Ratchet / Marine / Automotive / Industrial / Hand Winch)

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1 Ton Compact Power Puller In Case - 1000KG Hand Expert Winch Tool Trailer Pull
250KG Lifting Hand Winch - 0.25 Ton Manual Hoisting Pulling Safety
2 Ton Power Puller Without Safety Catches - 2000KG Hand Winch Tool Pull
2 Ton Power Puller - 2000KG Hand Expert Winch Tool Trailer Car Pull
2 Ton Power Puller With Switch - 2000KG Hand Expert Winch Tool Trailer Car Pull
4 Ton Power Puller - 4000KG Hand Expert Winch Tool Trailer Car Pull
4 Ton Power Puller With Switch - 4000KG Hand Expert Winch Tool Trailer Car Pull

Heavy duty hand power pullers are ideal for a range of tasks including moving vehicles, machines and other heavy objects. Here at Secure Fix Direct, our hand power pullers are perfect for moving these objects with minimal effort. Our power pullers are delivered for free, and ready to use. Hand power pullers are not designed to lift or sling loads, and are intended only as pulling and tensioning devices.

Our heavy duty hand power pullers can be used where a standard winch is not available or is inconvenient due to space limitations. This means that the hand power pullers we stock have endless uses in a variety of industries including recovery, automotive, marine and construction.

SecureFix Direct For All Of Your Hand Power Puller Needs

All of the hand power pullers that we have available here at SecureFix Direct come in three different tonnages and a huge selection of variations to cater for a number of uses. These specific models come with a ratchet switch which will disengage the drum from the ratchet itself. Our hand power pullers are also zinc plated for a long lasting finish.

All of our hand power pullers are zinc plated to ensure a long lasting finish and are of expert quality to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money. The basic design for hand power pullers hasn’t changed much over the years but here at SecureFix Direct, we offer safety and durability to ensure you are always getting the highest quality that will last when you buy from us. We also offer the option on hand power pullers with or without safety latches as well as a compact carry case for our one ton hand power puller to suit any task and environment. 

If you’re not quite sure which of our hand power pullers you need for your task, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team who will be more than happy to help.

Why buy my items from SecureFix Direct?

We’re dedicated to providing the best heavy lifting equipment supplies and are proud to have been doing so for many years. We stock the high quality products that you have been looking for, at unbeatable prices. We supply a wide range of hand power pullers suitable for a wide range of industries and perfect for tasks including moving vehicles, logs, machines and more. If you have any questions about our stock or have any other general enquiries, feel free to contact our team today.