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Gin Wheel / Scaffolding / Lifting / Block / Scaffolders/ Pulley

When it comes to lifting, it is important you have the right equipment to ensure that you are doing so with the highest standards of safety. At SecureFix Direct we have a wide range of products that will ensure all lifts you make are done securely and safely. Here at SecureFix Direct our gin wheels are fitted with a swivel oval eye for attachment onto standard scaffolding tubes.

Our gin wheels are made for fibre rope and are generally used within the construction industry as a pulley system. Our gin wheels are specifically made for light lifting so that contractors, roofers and scaffolders can carry out lifts with ease. All of our gin wheels here at SecureFix Direct have a green paint finish to prevent against rust and corrosion.

Gin Wheels For Fibre Rope

Our gin wheels for fibre rope come in a range of sizes that can handle different weights the safe working load for our gin wheels is 250KG. For safety purposes please ensure t that the breaking load is not maxed out. Each gin wheel item is supplied with a test certificate, so you can be certain that your equipment is up to industry standard.

Our gin wheel ropes have a 2 ton alloy steel swivel hook handpliced into the end, the other end of the rope is heat sealed to ensure security. All of our gin wheel ropes are made to order so please email us with a quantity and a member of our friendly team will advise you how to place the order.

Why Buy Gin Wheels From SecureFix Direct?

Here at SecureFix Direct we have many years of experience and we aim to provide our customers with the best products and the best service. We are proud to offer free, fast delivery which you can take advantage of by ordering online with us today.

If you have any questions about our service or products please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our friendly team today.

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Usefull as a pulley system on scaffolding for light lifting of buckets, tools & more.



Our Gin Wheel Rope Is Great For Use On Many Gin Wheels.