Gate Fittings

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products

Give your gate a top quality heavy duty latch lock.

Trouble opening your gate? Not with our Spring Loaded Gate wheel you won't!

Two Spring Loaded Gate Wheels will give both sides of your gate added support.

You'll never have to struggle when opening your gate again with these!

Steel zinc plated shoot bolt for securing gates, doors and trailer tail gates.

Steel zinc plated shoot bolts for securing trailer tail gates, horse stalls and any other types of gate..

Our gate wheels are suitable for both metal and wooden gates and help to make your gate open smoothly. 

Our Gate Wheels come in a choice of Black or Galvanised finish and ensure that your gates opoen smoothly. 

These Lockable Galvanised Gate Catches can help to keep your gates completely secure

Set of 2 Spring Loaded Bolts, ideal for securing gates and doors. 

These Spring Loaded Shoot Bolts would be the ideal choice if you need to secure gates or doors. 

These are ideal for securing agricultural and industrial gates. Easy to fit and simple to use. 

These Hasp and Staple Latches are perfect for securing your property. 

These Spring Chain Bolts are ideal for securing doors and gates, chaice of Zinc Plated or Black finish. 

Secure your doors or gates without bending with our range of Foot Operated Bolts