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Folding Tables & Legs

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This Aluminium Table Is Lightweight And Perfect When Used For Camping.



This Aluminium Table Is Great When Used For Camping.



Take our portable table with you for a lightweight alternative to a large bulky table.



If you want a table but space is limited our folding table leg could be a perfect addition for your caravan or home.



If you require space, our table leg can be easily installed and dismantled when required.



Take our lightweight, briefcase style folding table with you, wherever you go.



It's an ideal addition to your camping or hiking trip.



These legs can screw into the ground, allowing them to be used on vehicles.



The anti-slip surface can hold onto your cup whilst you sit back and relax.



Our Folding Camping Table is perfect for camping or picnics as it is very light and easy to set up and to pack away after use.



A plastic tabletop with an aluminum leg that can be mounted in vehicles with sufficient space and also has four cup holders.