Fencing Strainers, Tensioners & Clamps

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x10 Unilock Winders - Chain Link Fencing Line Tensioning Locking Strainer
x10 Ferrule Locking Strainers - Chain Link Fencing Winder Line Tensioning
X10 Galvanised Ratchet Strainers - Fencing Fence Post Straining
Small Radisseurs, QTY - 10. Fencing / Fence / Post / Tensioner
x10 Large Radisseurs - Fencing Fence Post Tensioner Tensioning Straining
x10 Permanent In-Line Wire Strainer - Fencing Fence Post Ratchet Tensioner
In-Line Tensioner, Wire Tightener, QTY - 10. Fencing / Fence / Post / Strainer
x10 Joint Line Clamp, Split Bolt With Nut - Fence Wire Joiner Cable Fencing Secure
Strainer Handle, Tightening Tool - Fence / Tensioner/ Wire / Tightener

We provide an extensive range of fencing strainers, tensioners and clamps to help make your fencing jobs easier. Out wire strainers are used over the life of a fence to maintain the correct tension of the wire, our unilock winders are used to strain the wire in fencing and take away any sagging and our radisseurs are used for tensioning wires. All of our strainers, tensioners and clamps come in multipacks of ten so you can be sure to have the right amount for your application. In addition to this, they are also made of high quality materials and are galvanised to give your products the best protection against adverse weather conditions.

Why Choose SecureFix Direct When Purchasing Fencing Products?

Here at SecureFix Direct, we understand the importance of value for money and high quality products that help you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our products can be used with both concrete and wooden fence posts making them versatile. Complete with protective coating through their hot dipped galvanised finish, they are excessively durable. We also offer a free and fast delivery service so you can be sure to get the job done quickly. If you need any assistance when choosing any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.