Drum Handling ( Grab / Tilter / Positioner )

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1 Ton 2 Leg Drum Lifter - 1000KG Barrel Chain Sling Grade 80 Cylinder Lifting
Double Drum Grab - 680KG 1360KG Fork Lift Attachment Steel Handling Mover
Drum Carrier Tilter - 365KG Steel Handling Mover Trolley Rotator
Drum Positioner Forklift Attachment - 400KG Steel Handling Mover Loader Unloader
Gator Grip Drum Grab - 360KG Fork Lift Attachment Steel Handling Mover
Hydraulic Drum Truck - 300KG Steel Handling Mover Loader Van Trolley

Here at SecureFix Direct, we have a range of equipment that is suitable for use with drums. Whether you need a product that can grab, tilt, position or move the drum, we have everything that you might need to suit your application. Our equipment can hold up to a maximum of 680kg so you can be sure to find the products that you require at the best price. Some of the units that we stock quickly and easily lift drums without the need of leaving the forklift and is ideal for loading and unloading drums. Other units that we supply lock the drum into a certain position so you can lift, manoeuvre, rotate, tilt or drain the drum in the most efficient way possible.

Drum Carriers

Our drum carriers are exceptionally versatile and are made from some of the best materials available so you can be sure that they will have a long working life. At SecureFix Direct, we understand the needs of optimum safety when it comes to purchasing material and mechanical handling equipment. We ensure that your drums will not open when they are being lifted or manoeuvred so you are safe at all times when operating our equipment. We aim to supply the best mechanical handling equipment at some of the best prices available. The drum carriers that we provide can be fitted onto forklifts to make the job even easier, or you can be used manually such as our drum carrier tilter. We provide a range of equipment that can be adapted to the use that you need whether it’s for marine, brewery, oil or chemical usages.

Why Choose SecureFix Direct When Purchasing My Products?

At SecureFix Direct, we are determined to provide the highest quality products, and with the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years, we believe that we’ve learnt exactly what you need, in order to get the job done as efficiently as possible. We offer a free delivery and fast dispatch service so you can be sure to receive your items in the quickest time possible, and if you place your order before 12pm we will be sure to dispatch your product the same day. If you have any questions regarding our drum handling equipment, or have any other general enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team.