Dee / D Shackles ( Galvanised, Self Colour, Stainless Steel )

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Dee/D Shackles (Galvanised/Stainless Steel)

Here at SecureFix Direct we pride ourselves on the comprehensive range of dee/d shackles which we provide. This range includes screw pin and safety pin versions, which are of US specification and a choice between galvanised or stainless steel.

It is important to make sure you have the right type of shackle for your load to ensure optimum safety. Our dee/d shackles have a high factor of safety to ensure you are protected when the shackles are in use. We can also provide a 12 month LOLER Recognised Test Certificate which can be supplied for an additional cost so you can be sure that your product is safe to use.

Dee/D Shackles

Dee/d shackles are vital components in all manners of rigging systems. Lifting shackles are a connection link, used to make a connection between the load lifting device and the load, to ensure heavy loads are moved safely and efficiently. We supply dee/d shackles that can hold up to 85 tonnes at the lowest possible prices, to ensure you’re getting the best quality for your money. Our US specification dee/d shackles are heavy duty and perfect for a number of uses including towing and lifting.

We provide both stainless steel and galvanised dee/d shackles to give you the best range possible. Their coatings ensure that they are corrosion resistant so you are able to use them in all types of weather. The choice between safety pin and screw pin dee/d shackles is dependent on the application of the shackle. If you’re not quite sure what type of shackle you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of our experienced team will be more than happy to help.

Quite simply, there’s no better choice than SecureFix Direct when it comes to d/dee shackles, so view our range here today.

Why buy my items from SecureFix Direct?

We’re dedicated to providing the best heavy lifting equipment supplies and are proud to have been doing so for many years. With our vast experience, we are able to provide a broad range of shackles to suit all of your needs. We stock the high quality products that you have been looking for at some of the best prices on the market today.
If you have any questions about our stock or need some help in choosing the right dee/d shackles for you, feel free to contact our team today.