Concrete-In, Fence Post Support Systems

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Here at SecureFix Direct, we believe in providing equipment that will allow you to do your job more effectively. We have a comprehensive range of durable concrete in fence post support systems available in two sizes and designed to allow the erection of fencing posts into a concrete base. These are designed to be used where the ground conditions won’t allow the ease or drive of a spike or if the fence posts are to be placed in a hard standing area. For example, these concrete in fence post support systems are ideal for use in car parks, pergolas, decks and more.

Reliable & Resilient Concrete In Fence Post Support Systems

We understand the importance of reliability and resilience when it comes to purchasing fence post support systems, and so our concrete in supports have fins at the bottom of the support to provide greater holding power. This means that your fence posts will be able to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. In addition to this, our fence posts are held above ground level to help protect against rot and decay to ensure an even longer working life, and are painted with a brown finish to blend in with your fence posts but are re-paintable.

Concrete In Fence Post Support Systems From The Experts

We provide a wide range of concrete in fence post support systems which are available singularly or in multi packs of up to ten. There are two different grips available in order to successfully hold the post, the first being a vice-like grip with no bolts or nails and the other a twin bolt system and our equipment is proven to be robust and durable. We are determined to provide the best customer service so if you have any questions regarding our concrete in fence post support systems or are looking for some after-purchase support, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team today.