Chain Strainer & Wire Stretcher

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Chain Strainer & Spinning Jenny Kit - Monkey Cattle Fence Stretcher Tensioner
Chain Strainer - Monkey Cattle Fence Stretcher Tensioner Repair Pull Fence
Wire Stretcher - Strainer Puller Splicer Tension Tensioner Repair Split Fence
6 Metre Hook Chain Strainer - Fence Stretcher Tensioner Repair Pull

We take great pride in supplying the highest quality chain strainer & wire stretchers, and here at SecureFix direct we have a variety of modules best suited to your needs and uses. The chain strainers we have feature a detachable handle and can be separated so that storage and transport is not a problem. All of our chain strainer & wire stretchers we supply have a high tension bolt for reinforced strength and wear qualities, making them long lasting and highly durable.

Long Lasting & Durable Garden Equipment

With so many high quality items to choose from, here at SecureFix Direct if you need any help we have a dedicated customer support team who are more than happy to assist you, should you need it. On top of that we offer a free and fast delivery. If you require any more information on our products or service then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.