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Grade 80 chain sling & Grade 100 lifting chain sling builder.

Welcome to the SecureFix Direct Chain Sling builder. This is the place where you select either grade 80 chain sling or grade 100 chain sling. 

Once you click into the relevant page, you can then use our special chain sling builder & totally custom build your own chain sling and all to your own specifications.

Each chain sling is made to BS EN 818-4 1996, comes complete with a LOLER / HSE recognised certificate, EC/UK declaration of conformity cetificate, W.L.L marked, UKCA + CE marked, Date of manufacture marked & Individually serial number marked and all parts used are made to BS-EN 1677.

Each chain sling is completely, individually, assembled here on our British premises.

Build your Grade 80 Lifting Chain Sling now.

What is a chain sling used for?

Chain slings are used to lift heavy & bulky loads, for example, skips & containers . The made to specification design means that you can make a product that is completely suitable to your requirements. Chain slings are designed to provide strength & durability, furthermore they feature positives such as withstanding reasonable impact, high & low temperatures & exposure to light chemicals & UV rays.

2 leg chain sling - Using our custom builder you can select 2 leg lifting chain sling grade 80.

3 leg chain sling - Our easy to use chain sling builder will allow you to choose 3 leg lifting chain sling grade 80 

4 leg chain sling - You can customise your chain sling to build a 4 leg lifting chain sling grade 80 

Specialising in Grade 80 lifting chain slings & Grade 100 lifting chain slings, stock component connectorsGrade 80 security chainGrade 80 Eye Type Foundry HooksGrade 80 Clevis Type Self Locking HooksGrade 80 & Grade 100 Eye Type Grab Hooks,

If you need any help in choosing the right lifting chain sling, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Made In Britain Lifting Chain Sling

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products

Custom make your own Grade 80 Lifting Chain Sling - Build yours now with our easy to use builder