Bungee Cord Assemblies

Welcome to our wide range of Shock cord / Bungee cord assemblies. Here you will find an Aladdins cave of Shock cord / Bungee cord solutions.

Our Bungee cords with hooks are available with a wide range of different ends, such as metal and plastic. We also offer a wide range of sizes and thickness, so you can be sure of our shock cords safely securing your loads.

For the more discerning buyer, we offer Adjustable Bungee cords with hooks, the adjustable option allows you to be more adaptable with your application.

Ball Bungee Cords are another solution that we are able to offer you. The ball bungees are low priced, high quality and are a very popular fixing method in helping you to keep your tarpaulin in a fixed position whilst also allowing the tarpaulin to be flexible. 

Let SecureFix Direct supply you with your bungee cord needs, do contact us should you require any assistance.


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