We’ve been busy!

We’ve been inactive across our social media platforms recently. The whole team has been busy packaging orders for our customers!
Despite the drastic increase in order numbers, we’re proud to say we’re still responding to all emails and messages within hours of receiving them.
For any help or advice please contact our customer support team!

Free Delivery

Free Mainland Delivery on ALL orders!

We offer free standard delivery on all orders! If you live within the mainland and shop with us, you’ll receive free delivery.

  • No minimum spend required.
  • No delivery charge.
  • For retail and trade orders.

Electric Garden Sprayer

12V Backpack Sprayer

Our popular 16 litre Backpack Sprayer is back in stock! It’s a high performance, cordless, electric sprayer with padded back supports and a range of nozzle types.

What jobs will be made easier?

  • Weeding & Fertilization.
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting.
  • Waterproofing Sheds & Fencing.
  • Pest Control.

Any garden spraying will be made quicker and easier will this sprayer.

Have a great week!


Points 4 Cash

Save £££ on your next shop

  • Earn 1 point for every pound you spend.
  • Points are converted to a monetary value.
  • Every point is worth 1p, which is automatically saved to your account (A user account will need to be created).
  • Redeem on your next transaction.
  • Use your points at ANY TIME! At ANY VALUE!

    Have a great week!


Christmas Gift Guide.

1. Do you know someone who is always cold? If so, our Handy Heater is an ideal gift! It can be plugged into any UK socket and start producing heat in just 5 seconds!

2. A lightweight alternative to a hoover is a floor sweeper. Our Cordless Sweeper has a 360° head and 90° adjustable handle, allowing your loved one to easily manoeuvre around their home.

3. Will it be a white Christmas? Our Children’s Multi-Function Board is ideal for sleighing or even water sports!

4. Our 22″ LED TV is an ideal gift for anyone! It’s supplied with a cigarette lighter socket making it idea for a motorhome or caravan.

If ordered before the 17th of December, we can lovingly gift-wrap your order at no extra charge for you, when purchased via our web shop. Just tick the “FREE Gift-Wrap” button upon checkout.

Merry Christmas!


Guide To Easy Gift-Wrapping

1. Place your present in the centre of your chosen wrapping paper. Tip: We recommend using a box shape.

2. Pull the roll of wrapping paper over the gift, once you’ve met the start of the paper cut a straight line across and use a small piece of tape to connect the two pieces.

3. Leave enough wrapping paper on either side to cover your gift and cut off the rest.

4. Pull down the top piece of paper and tape it to the box. The two side pieces need to be folded inwards and taped to the centre of the box. Repeat this process with the remaining piece of paper.

5. Your end result of step 4 should look like this.6. You can use stick on bows and ribbons to complete your gift, but this is not essential. Don’t forget your name tag!

This year to help our customers who cannot access the shops or those who would like a helping hand this Christmas, we are offering a free gift-wrapping service. Upon checkout of our web shop, simply tick the box “FREE Gift Wrap”. This offer is valid for all orders placed between the 16th of November and 17th of December.

Have a great week!


Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

A must have for any home or car is a microfibre cleaning cloth.
Our extremely absorbent Microfibre Cloths are ideal for cleaning, polishing, waxing, dusting, any many more tasks.
They offer a scratch-free and streak-free finish and absorb up to 8 times their own weight in water.
Check out the link here to find out more.

Have a great week!



Caravan Hitch Cover

If you’re looking to protect your caravan towing hitch, we recommend our Caravan Hitch Cover.
It’s designed to protect your hitch, landing gear, lighting cable, tow bar and safety chain from water, dirt and damage. Unlike other covers, ours is manufactured from 4ply breathable, non-woven fabric.
Click the link here to find out more!


Have a great week!



Guide To Pumpkin Carving!

1) Firstly you’ll need some pumpkins! Visit your local pumpkin farm or supermarket and pick your pumpkins.

Pumpkin collecting!

2) Remove the top of your pumpkin and spoon out all the insides. Did you know the seeds can be roasted to make a tasty snack?

Spooning out the inside.

3) Using a pen sketch your design onto the pumpkin, and with a sharp knife cut out your design. We decided to use our company logo.

Our company pumpkin.

4) Place a tealight candle inside and watch your design come to life!


Happy Halloween!



Don’t Get Stuck in The Mud!

The likelihood of getting your vehicle bogged has increased thanks to the wet weather.
Keep a set of traction mats in the boot of your vehicle to help get you out of a muddy situation!
We sell a whole range of various Traction Mats, all can be used in snowy, muddy or sandy conditions.
Click the link to see the full range!

Have a lovely weekend