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50MM Long Ball Hitch Pin

At SecureFix Direct you can find each and every item you need for the agricultural industry, including 50MM long ball hitch pins which are of the highest quality. The 50 MM long ball hitch pins we supply are perfect for towing trailers, caravans and many other heavy duty versatile vehicles.

Our particular range of 50MM long ball hitch pin has a linch pin attached to the chain that easily slots near the bottom of the thread for additional safety. We have different long ball hitch pins that can withstand different weights. As safety is highly important to us here at SecureFix Direct we recommend that the safe working load is not exceed.

Zinc Plated Long Ball Hitch Pin

The 50MM long ball hitch pins we supply here at SecureFix Direct can be used for a huge variety of tasks and are perfect for towing vehicles. Each and every one of our long ball hitch pins are zinc plated which provide the ultimate protection against rust and extreme weather conditions. We also have a dedicated customer support service in place. If you need any help choosing the right products for you and your needs our staff will be happy to assist.

High Quality Agricultural Accessories At SecureFix Direct

If you are in need of high quality agricultural accessories and equipment at the lowest of prices then there is no need to look elsewhere. As here at SecureFix Direct we are confident that we have something suitable for all your needs as well as offering a free, fast delivery. If you have any questions about our products or service do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff today.


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For towing a trailer with a tractor, use our long ball hitch pin.


Consider our long ball hitch pin for towing trailers with a tractor.


Our Long Ball Hitch Pin Is Perfect For Towing Trailers, Caravans, Zinc Plated For Corrosion Resistance.