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3 Strand Blue PP Rope ( Marine / Sailing / Versatile / Floating / Polypropylene / Agrigultural )

3 Strand Blue PP Rope

At SecureFix Direct you can pick up high quality 3 strand blue PP rope at low prices, so take a look at our selection and make your purchase today. This item is amongst the most versatile of all the soft rope that we supply, and it's also rot and water proof so it will last you even longer. With a low stretch under heavy load this could be the item you need, so view the different sizes we have available and shop with SecureFix Direct today.
Our Kernmantle braided PP rope also has a polypropylene multifilament inner core and it can float on water, making it the perfect solution if you're looking for a sailing rope for marine use. At SecureFix Direct we understand that you may not always know which items are best for you needs, which is why we have a dedicated support team in place who can point you in the right direction. Our friendly team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have, so you can be sure that you're purchasing the ideal products. We pride ourselves on customer service, and if you ever need a hand with Kernmantle braided polypropylene rope or any of our other items then feel free to get in touch today.

Kernmantle Braided PP Rope

When you purchase Kernmantle braided PP rope from SecureFix Direct you will be getting free delivery and an extremely fast service, so you can have your items at your door within days. We realise you need your items in a hurry, which is why we process items as soon as we can so that you can get your hands on them sooner. We're confident that you'll be delighted with the speed of our service and the quality of items on our store, so take a look at what we have on our website and make your selection now.

Why choose SecureFix Direct for Kernmantle braided PP rope?

We've been providing Kernmantle braided polypropylene rope for years and we understand that customers need high quality goods with fast, friendly service. That's exactly what you get with SecureFix Direct, and you also benefit from the huge range of different sizes and lengths when it comes to our ropes. Purchase your 16 plait, Kernmantle PP rope from our store and have your items delivered within days.

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Our PP rope is durable and can be used for almost anything.



For a variety of marine uses, this polypropylene rope is an excellent choice.



A PP rope is a great choice for many tasks on boats and other vessels.



Hard wearing and useful for completing many tasks where rope is a requirement.



Need a hard durable, multi-purpose rope? This PP rope is the perfect choice.



Handy to keep around, this PP rope is durable and has a variety of uses.



For a durable, multi-purpose rope, try our polypropylene version.



Useful for a variety of tasks. This rope is incredibly durable.



You should consider this product as a multi-purpose rope for endless uses.



Give our blue polyproylene rope for endless uses on boats.



Need a multi-purpose rope? Try this polypropylene one. It is incredibly durable.



For a hard wearing rope, consider this for a wide range of uses.



This PP rope can be used on winches and boats for pulling and mooring.



Give this PP rope a try, it has endless uses including mooring boats.



Useful on winches and boats for mooring. This rope is a great buy.



Consider our PP rope for use when camping or out on your boat at sea.



Our Blue Polypropylene Split Film Rope Is Great For Camping Uses And Garden Uses.



For use on winches and boats for mooring, this blue polypropylene rope is the perfect buy.



This blue polypropylene split film rope is suitable for use in the garden and other camping purposes.



Our blue polypropylene split film rope is perfect for camping and garden use.