A Beginners guide to Dock & Anchor Lines

Welcome to the crazy, yet exciting world of dock and anchor lines.

Choices, choices everywhere… It can be a headache and time consuming finding the ideal product when there is so much choice. This guide will aid you in helping understand the difference between dock lines and anchor lines and what you need, in case you’re not sure.

Let’s begin by stripping it all back to basics. Continue reading

Relieve Summer Boredom With Our Top Summer Scorchers!

Bored yet? As a family man myself I fully understand the stresses of keeping the kids entertained during the long summer holidays. There are only so many times you can go to the park and with living costs rising it’s an expensive time for us all. The familiar whine of ‘I’m bored’, coupled with what seems like an age until you pack them off to school for another term means it’s now time to try something different. Continue reading

Kayaking – Which One Is Best For You?

Our Guide To Decide

With the school holidays now underway, finding a way to keep the entire family entertained is a top priority for parents across the UK. You as a parent have decided to get afloat on the waters to solve this issue, but now are asking “which ones shall I go for?” We have a brand new range of kayaks available for you to choose from, so read on for our guide to them.

SecureFix Direct - Three examples of "Sit-In" kayaks gliding along the water

SecureFix Direct – Three examples of “Sit-In” kayaks gliding along the water

Sit-On, Or Sit-In?

We have 2 styles available to choose from, Sit-On, or Sit-In, with each having it’s own particular benefits. The choice will come down to the climate/weather, how bothered you are about getting wet, and whether or not the idea of having your legs enclosed suits you.

Sit-In Kayaks are an ideal solution to getting out on the waters in colder climates or during the winter. Having your legs enclosed will help to keep them warm and reduces potential for them getting wet, which during a cold day isn’t ideal. A Kayak Skirt can also help prevent water from getting inside the Kayak. If you’re not a fan of getting wet, then this style will still suit you all year round. Should you topple out, you will have to swim with your kayak back to dry land. You won’t be able to get back in being submerged yourself.

SecureFix Direct - An example of a Sit-On Kayak

SecureFix Direct – An example of a Sit-On Kayak

The Sit-On versions are better suited to use in warmer climates. Having no cover for your legs means any splashing from yourself or nearby kayaks will result in you getting wet. This is not an issue for many on a warm day, but isn’t ideal in a winter situation. A bonus of the Sit-On is that you can get off the kayak in the water and get back on without having to get back to dry land. Should you not fancy the idea of having your legs enclosed, then the Sit-On version will be for you.

Our Children’s Kayak “Colin The Crocodile”

Keeping the kids entertained is probably the most difficult part of any family trip out. Knowing what suits their needs as well as adhering to their own safety is always a challenge. “Colin” can help solve this one for you. Made from a high density polyethylene material, it is lightweight in nature and can support a capacity of up to 55kg. Its green colour, fins, eyes and teeth decals will spark the imagination of the youngsters and help them to begin an adventure with you. You can find “Colin” lurking here, ready to be snapped up.

SecureFix Direct - I wouldn't keep my hand there for long!

SecureFix Direct – I wouldn’t keep my hand there for long!

The Voyager Kayak

For the bigger kids among you, you’ll need something of an upgrade. A kayak where you can put spare clothing, sun cream or extra drinks with you. One that will remain stable and give you a chance to relax. The Voyager kayak will answer that. This “Sit-On” style kayak is 2.7m in length (8.85ft), giving you plenty of room to stretch out and to store any equipment with you. Room is available to place a drink with the inbuilt cup holder, keeping you hydrated whilst out on the water. You’ve also room to fit a fishing rod holder should you wish to explore what opportunities there are for a fishing session. With a Sit-On style, this kayak is easy to get back onto should you end up falling off, or simply deciding to jump in for a swim. You can begin your voyage here.

SecureFix Direct - Ready for a voyage

SecureFix Direct – Ready for a voyage


The previous kayaks are both “Sit-On” style. Our Curiosity range of kayaks are of a “Sit-In” variety, suitable for those of you would would rather keep dry or plan to also make use of these during the winter months. This variety of kayak also comes with an enclosed storage compartment at the rear, useful for keeping equipment out of reach of the elements. A cup holder is available as well as paddle holders on the sides. The 2.7m (8.85ft) length coupled with the 125kg capacity will suit many and will encourage you to get on the water, sparking your curiosity as to just how far you could go. If this has you buzzing, check it out here.

SecureFix Direct - A spark of curiosity has led to this spectacular cave.

SecureFix Direct – A spark of curiosity has led to this spectacular cave.

Fancy Making The Catch Of The Day?

You’ve taken your fishing equipment with you and arrived at the beach to find that the area is full of other fisherman and tourists. A dilemma is presented to you which asks a questions. Do you take your equipment back to the tent or hotel? Do you continue strolling the beach looking for an ideal spot? However, we can offer you the more exclusive alternative. Behold, the Pisces Fishing Kayak!

At a whopping 3.5m (11.5ft) length, you will be sure to remain stable whilst casting your line into the waters below. This kayak comes with a rear wheel to help you move this along from your transport to the waters without having to fear about dragging the hull across the floor. The seating area has a foldable backrest to ensure comfort during your trip. Two flush fit rod holders and a normal rod holder come as standard, with two further brackets for future upgrade available to use. Front and rear storage compartments are there to keep any extra fishing equipment with you. Make your dream catch here!

SecureFix Direct - Waiting patiently for that bite.

SecureFix Direct – Waiting patiently for that bite.

Stay Safe

Should you be out during days of high UV levels, don’t forget that the water will reflect the suns rays. Keeping a good supply of suncream with you is essential to preventing any sunburn, applying it more regularly than what you would do on land will help with this. A sunhat is also an essential item of clothing to take with you.

We also have safety equipment from signalling mirrors to buoyancy aids. We can help you to stay safe, click here for the range. Do take note of the water & weather conditions, don’t get yourself into trouble by heading out onto a rough river or into the path of an oncoming storm.

So there we go, the complete guide to decide. Made up your mind? Then make your choice by clicking here for our range of Kayaks.

Go enjoy yourselves on the water, you deserve it!








School’s Out, Tents Out!

The summer holiday’s have started and for you parents, a long 6 weeks could be in store! For the kids, it’s the time of their lives. Unbridled freedom and great weather. Who says that has to be exclusive to the kids? What if we told you that you, dear parent, could have your freedom in this great weather as well? Read on, for that isn’t as far-fetched as you think!

SecureFix Direct - Camping out in the sunshine as a family. What could be better?

SecureFix Direct – Camping out in the sunshine as a family. What could be better?

It’s A Long, Hot Summer…

The Guardian have quoted the Met Office as saying that “Several places in the UK have had 54 consecutive dry days, starting on 30 May”, whilst also expecting temperatures to stay consistently at this level deep into August. Plenty of time then for you to get yourself and the family down to the campsite! Our 5 man tent will be exactly what you need. For those of you worried about being caught short by a rare bout of rain, the tent is rated PU3000 waterproof, withstanding up to 3000mm of water. This is an air beam tent, meaning that it will be up in no time at all; a hand pump will be included in the package and will blow the tent up quickly and securely. How quickly does it pump up? I’ll give you a two minute break…

Time’s up! Yep, 2 minutes is all it takes. Did you get much done? Me? I pumped up the five man tent!

  • 2 Man & 3 Man Bedrooms
  • Sewn In Groundsheet
  • Electric Zip Hookup
  • Poles, Pegs, Pump & Guy Ropes Included
  • 2 Air Vents & 3 Air Beams

All of the above can be yours, in a compact package that will become a valuable part of your summer arsenal. Why delay? Click here to get yours today!

Now Where?

Now you have your tent, you just need somewhere to go! We know that can be a difficult thing to decide, especially if it’s your first time. That’s why we have decided to help you make your choice. Some of you may have exchanged e-mails with my colleague Richard, but did you know he was a keen camper? One of the places he wholly recommends is West Bay, located in Dorset. We always know when Richard has had a weekend away camping, because all we hear about on the Monday is the scenery and the time he had down there. In fairness, can you blame him?

Picture Courtesy OF https://bridportandwestbay.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/stargazing-west-bay.jpg

Picture Courtesy Of https://bridportandwestbay.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/stargazing-west-bay.jpg

Looking for something close to home? Not to worry. Thanks to Camping & Caravanning Club’s Campsite Finder, found here, you will be able to whittle down your campsite choices by distance and find your perfect pitch.

Looking For More?

Where shall we start? The gas stove to cook on, the windbreak for privacy? Or perhaps the best place to start is with your feet up, sat back, with your shades on, a drink of your choice in one hand with the sun beating down on you. No, this isn’t Crete. This is camping with our deluxe reclining chair and foot stool set. Stylish and comfortable, be elegance personified as you kick back to a maximum of 65° and feel your worries and stresses leave you by the minute. So comfortable in fact, that your kids may just want to join you on there!

SecureFix Direct - "Daddy, what's in the box?"

SecureFix Direct – “Daddy, what’s in the box?”

Our easy to pitch windbreakers offer protection from gusts and breezes, although at the minute I think they would be welcome! They should still form an important part of your summer camping kit, however, as they create an area of shade, helping you to shield from the heat when you would otherwise be exposed. With the UK outlook from the Met Office stating “Temperatures are expected to remain widely above average… and a likelihood of very hot conditions at times, especially in the south” for the next 6-30 days, can you afford to leave it behind?

SecureFix Direct - Camping & a BBQ. This is what summer is about

SecureFix Direct – Camping & a BBQ. This is what summer is about


Keeping Cool

We’ve covered the way that you can keep cool, but how can your food and drink stay cool on an outdoors excursion in this searing heat. The solution is surprisingly simple; one of our 20L cooler boxes. With plenty of space inside, you can take exactly what you need and more. Don’t take my word for it; why not take Lindsay’s? She had one of these cooler boxes and let us know that “This was ideal for a family of four. We recently purchased this box and was able to store a fair few items inside. It kept our food nice and cold for 2 days.”

School’s out, sun’s out. Why don’t you camp out? Our five man tent is perfect for family camping. With next day delivery available, you can have everything you need in time for the weekend. Order here today!

All the best,





Let The Sun Be Your Energy

“Well, what am I supposed to do for the other 9 months of the year, when it’s downright miserable?” Don’t worry, I said the same thing; “Solar Panels? What’s the point?” What I then decided to do was a little bit of digging to find out exactly what the point of a solar panel is. As it happens, the name can be a little misleading. Solar panels are made up of cells, and it is these cells that do the work from any light. Being called a solar panel, we immediately think that it generates energy from the sun, making it useless for most of the year. MYTH. The cells actually derive their energy from the light, not heat, so whilst having the sun out obviously helps, it is not the be all and end all. MYTH, BUSTED.

SecureFix Direct - "Wait. You Mean, Solar Panels Don't Need The Sun To Work?"

SecureFix Direct – “Wait. You Mean, Solar Panels Don’t Need The Sun To Work?”

With that out of the way, we can now take a look at why you should kit your caravan out with solar panels. Firstly, they are cheaper than being connected to the grid for your electricity. Obviously. Let’s think about that for a second though. You can get the energy you need yourself. For you motorhomers out there, or caravanners looking for a break, this is an opportunity unto itself. No longer must you be shackled by the requirement of an electrical hookup. Install one of our 100 watt or 150 watt solar panels and you can take a break wherever you want, no matter how remote. All you need is light.


SecureFix Direct - Solar Panels Convert Light Into Electricity. It's A Great Way To Go Eco-Friendly.

SecureFix Direct – Solar Panels Convert Light Into Electricity. It’s A Great Way To Go Eco-Friendly.

This eco-friendly, “off the grid” way of generating electricity does not need to get in your way, either. The panel is recommended for use mounted on the roof, meaning you don’t have to worry about storage or tripping over it. With it being on the roof, it will also help you when you are trying to ensure that as many of the cells are in direct sunlight as possible.

Both the 100W and 150W solar panels can be purchased with the full assembly kit included, so you get the total package in just one purchase. The remote meter provides you with real time usage statistics, allowing you to monitor and regulate your energy usage just as easily as you use it. Due to the solar panel generating its energy organically, your reliance on fossil fuels will decrease substantially.

Having a break in the motorhome, wishing for an easy life? Light is all you need!

All the best,






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Take A Dive!

Are you heading out onto your boat this summer? Will you have guests? If you are heading out to your boat, then the chances are you may well be playing host to family or friends and perhaps the kids as well. During the great weather, there will be nothing better than to jump in the sea and have a swim before getting back on board the boat. All this would be great, but it’s difficult on your boat, because of the drop; you don’t have a platform.

Change all that.

Our compactly packaged, fold down wooden diving platform is a durable, yet stylish addition to your boat that will be a surefire hit with your guests. Manufactured from a combination of teak and stainless steel, you can get the perfect blend of presence and practicality, allowing your boat to rise above the others in your mooring. With all the fittings included and plenty of room to place your feet, there will be no embarassing mishaps as you dive in! This is thanks to the calloused wooden slats, giving you enough grip even when you are wet.

SecureFix Direct - Our Wooden Platform, With Fittings Included, Will Be The Perfect Addition To Your Vessel.

SecureFix Direct – Our Wooden Platform, With Fittings Included, Will Be The Perfect Addition To Your Vessel.

The platform itself is a universal fitting, so in this case size doesn’t matter as it can fit a wide range of boat sizes. At a size of just 400mm X 320mm (WxL) and a mounting plate measuring up as 25mm x 65mm, this will be a nifty addition without being an eyesore. Much the opposite.

Are you heading out onto your boat this summer? Will you have guests? If you are heading out to your boat, then the chances are you may well be playing host to family or friends and perhaps the kids as well. During the great weather, there will be nothing better than to jump in the sea and have a swim before getting back on board the boat. All this would be great and it is, because you now have a platform. The wooden diving platform, courtesy of the team at SecureFix Direct.

All the best,





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Camp Out For Summer!

“Tent Season”. When is it? For some, the February half term holiday is the signal to get the tent out. For others, it’s Whitsun. Perhaps your starter point falls somewhere in between, or even after? Maybe all this is nonsense to you, because you’re a music nut requiring a tent for that festival you are heading off to with a group of like-minded mates. No matter your reason, no matter your enthusiasm, our new range of tents are just what you need.

Available in 2, 4 and 5 person fittings, our easy inflation tents are the perfect combination of comfort and convenience, with an inflation time ranging from 45 seconds up to just 2 minutes. All this means is you can have the tent up in no time, or for the slacker in the party, you wouldn’t have been able to boil the kettle in time to sit out the hard work!

SecureFix Direct - It Wasn't That Exhausting Was It, Andy?

SecureFix Direct – It Wasn’t That Exhausting Was It, Andy?

Our spacious five man tent has the hidden gem of a zip hookup allowing you to thread cables through, should you be fortunate enough to be close to a power point. Found on the side of the tent, this handy little feature is discreet and allows you to have all the primitive delights of camping alongside modern neccessities.

All of the tents carry a waterproof rating of PU3000. What this figure means is that all of our tents can withstand up to 3000mm of water. This is double the minimum level for a product to be classed as waterproof. Moreover, all three tent sizes come with all the kit you require, namely the porch poles, pegs, guy ropes and of course the hand pump. No more camping with an annoying centre pole in your way.

The 2 man model, in which I’ve decided to take a lie down in below, is a fantastic tent designed for solo or couples camping, whilst still having plenty of space. If you’re taking your partner out camping, then this tent is the undisputed choice. With a skylight style roof vent, you can kick back and gaze up at the stars(or the clouds…)

SecureFix Direct - Well, If Andy Can Sit Down...

SecureFix Direct – Well, If Andy Can Sit Down…

Remember, we at SecureFix Direct can provide you with a lot more than just your tent. With cooler boxes, portable gas stoves, windbreaks and much more available, you can get everything you need for your camping trip in one place and you could get it the next day as well! (More about that here).

Quality and convenience, the perfect combination.

All the best,






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Ride On Board!

Since the middle of April, we have regularly taken a look at watersport activities for you to try. So far, we have covered kayaking, the accessories required for kayaking, bodyboarding and of course, watersport safety. Today, we bring to you a variation of bodyboarding, this time involving kneeboarding and multi function boards.

The kneeboards are exclusively for adult use, and are available in lime green or tangerine orange. However, this is not to suggest that children are to be left out of this activity as we also offer a 1.1m children’s multi-function board in either blue or red. Our multi function boards can be sat or knelt on, suitable for a wide range of conditions and activities. They can be used to be dragged across the sea or sand in the blazing sun, or the grass if you are out and about in the height of summer, looking for something different to do. Write off these boards at your peril; you can use them all year round. Has it snowed and you want a sledge? Our multi function boards rise to the challenge. The kids board comes with the rope and handle already on the board, so they can just jump on and the fun can begin! The 1.2 metre board, featured below with our 10mm Water Ski Tow Line, contains a handle holder for when you are trying to get ready to go. This nifty little feature also looks good, as it fits flush with the board when not in use. The attachment point on the 1.26m board is raised, allowing you to tie your tow line or rope around it multiple times in order to reach your required tension.

SecureFix Direct - Showcasing The Flush Handle Holder Fitting On The Green 1.2 Metre Multifunction Board, Using Our 10mm Water Ski Tow Line

SecureFix Direct – Showcasing The Flush Handle Holder Fitting On The Green 1.2 Metre Multifunction Board, Using Our 10mm Water Ski Tow Line

The kneeboards are perfect on the water, whether that be rivers, lakes or the sea. They have a padded mat to provide a comfortable kneeling point whilst also coming with a velcro securing strap so you don’t lose your board whilst in use. Fear not, if you get into difficulty on the water, the strap can be removed swiftly and safely so you can get yourself out of danger.

Both the kneeboards and the multi functional boards are manufactured from high density polyethlene (HDPE) Hull material, ensuring that it is lightweight as well as durable, offering UV protection from the sun. The material also gives the board a high degree of impact resistance, so you don’t have to worry about it failing you when you are giving it some punishment on the water.

A multitude of prospects await, all from one board. Don’t forget though, to have fun on the water, you must be safe on the water. Never leave your buoyancy aids, lifejackets and other marine safety equipment behind.

All the best,





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On The Box!

Got a caravan break lined up this summer? Worried about missing the football this World Cup, the soaps or wondering how you can get the kids to calm down after another great day? Fear not, for our 22″ full HD TV can be just what you need. It’s built in receiver picks up free to air Standard and High Definition channels, so whatever you want to watch, you can put your feet up and enjoy a picture just like you would at home.

SecureFix Direct - Enjoy Crystal Clear, Sharp High Definition TV With Our 22" LED HD TV For Your Caravan Or Motorhome

SecureFix Direct – Enjoy Crystal Clear, Sharp High Definition TV With Our 22″ LED HD TV For Your Caravan Or Motorhome

Compact, yet powerful, the TV plays host to 2 HDMI ports, allowing you to connect your PC or gaming consoles for the ultimate boredom buster. With controls on the side of the TV as well as on the remote, allowing you to cycle through your channels and alter the volume, you don’t even need to stress about losing the remote down the side of the chair.

For those of you with kids, you don’t have to worry; the HDTV comes complete with a parental lock option as standard allowing you to tailor your family viewing accordingly. Actually, getting to view anything is quite simple with this model, simply access the menu and begin tuning. Tuning can be done automatically or manually if you prefer. Already possess a satellite, such as our Mobilsat HD Satellite Dish? Don’t worry, this TV is compatible with your pre-existing satellite-simply follow your manufacturer’s instructions to sync it accordingly. It can also be kept out of harm’s way thanks to the wall mount, giving it a stylish and homely finish. We recommend that you strengthen your motorhome wall as a precaution before assembly. You can also buy the TV with the wall mount included as part of a package.

SecureFix Direct - The TV & Wall Mount Package; The Perfect Combination For Your Caravan Or Motorhome

SecureFix Direct – The TV & Wall Mount Package; The Perfect Combination For Your Caravan Or Motorhome

Of course, a TV would not be a TV without an in-built TV Guide. This function allows you to access programme information, the schedule (obviously! It wouldn’t be a TV Guide otherwise…), set reminders on those can’t miss programmes and also the record feature. In order to fully utilise the record feature, a USB stick is required. This can be brought seperately, or as part of a package. This will also allow you to watch your own films, videos and anything else on the TV. If you would like the wall mount, USB and the TV, then fear not; that package can be found here.

For the energy conscious among you, this model is rated ‘A’ on the sliding scale, meaning it is fairly efficient, something that is aided by its LED display, which is rated better than an LCD or plasma display. To make things even better, the total weight of the TV and its component parts is just 4.5 KG, and that’s when it is in the box!

A lightweight, compact yet premium item, at an affordable price. Can you afford to miss out?

All the best,






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What Sling?

At SecureFix Direct, we are often asked: “What is the difference between a web sling and a round sling, and which one should I use?” The simple answer is that it depends on what you need to move. Web slings are lightweight and their reinforced eyes give added protection to the load attachment point, giving a longer lift. Although mainly used for lifting purposes, usually to maneuver odd or awkward loads, web slings can also be used for towing and pulling purposes, especially in situations where the target vehicle is stuck. Simplex web slings offer a wider surface area for you to safely secure your load. They are hugely popular when large and/or fragile items need to be lifted. One such example of their use is lifting cattle for transportation.

SecureFix Direct - Our Duplex Web Slings Come With Reinforced Eyes

SecureFix Direct – Our Duplex Web Slings Come With Reinforced Eyes

Both types of web slings, as well as round slings, conform to the internationally recognised coding system where each safe working load is given a colour for easy identification. This can be seen below:

SecureFix Direct - The Internationally Recognised Coding Table For Web And Round Slings

SecureFix Direct – The Internationally Recognised Coding Table For Web And Round Slings

Round slings are made from an endless loop of yarn which is protected by a strong, soft and flexible sleeving. Due to their circular shape, all our round slings will carry an “Effective Working Length (EWL)” measurement for when it is being used for a straight lift. They are a popular option when it comes to moving cylindrical items as the item can essentially sit on the sling.

SecureFix Direct - An Example Of Our Round Slings. Note The Difference Between This And A Web Sling

SecureFix Direct – An Example Of Our Round Slings. Note The Difference Between This And A Web Sling

All of our slings, both webbing and round types, will come with a certificate of conformity enclosed. On that certificate, you will find the serial and batch numbers, the date of manufacture, the effective working length and the working load of the sling. Also on the certificate is a breakdown in the changes of the working load limit dependent on the position that the sling is utilised. For example, a 2 ton round sling will have it’s working load limit reduced to 1.6 tonnes when it is used in a ‘choked’ shape, whereas the load limit will double to 4 tonnes when used in a basket hitch ‘U’ formation.

As with all of our lifting range, we will supply a LOLER recognised test certificate with all orders.

All the best,






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Watersport Safety

Remember a while back when we were saying how we couldn’t wait to start kayaking and bodyboarding? With summer coming up, the SecureFix Direct team hope that more and more of you will be keen to try out watersport activities. However, you may not have thought of all of the equipment that you require.

“Yes I have”. Have you? Here’s the thing. Not everybody considers all of the safety aids and equipment needed when they’re hitting the water. The mantra of “It won’t happen to me” is a brave one, but flawed. We all know the power of the natural world, so who are we to take it on without protection?

Part of our watersport safety equipment range are our buoyancy aids. A buoyancy aid is a device that will help to keep you afloat until help arrives. However, it is not a life jacket, so whilst it will keep you afloat, it can’t be guaranteed that it can turn your body over. As such, they are best utilised on local waterways or in sight of the coast if worn out at sea. Included in our buoyancy aids, which are available in sizes ranging from small to XXL, is a signal whistle which can be used to help to alert people to your emergency.

SecureFix Direct - On Our Way To The Water. Can't Forget The Buoyancy Aid, Tom!

SecureFix Direct – On Our Way To The Water. Can’t Forget The Buoyancy Aid, Tom!

While you are having a bit of fun on the kayak or another sit down vessel, alongside the dry bags you have to keep your possessions dry should be an emergency marine bag. This bag is spacious enough for you to store your buoyancy aids, any lifejackets you will take and other examples of marine safety equipment, such as your flares, lights and liferaft cutters. We know that this bag will only be used in an emergency, which is why it has double zips for quick and easy access and is also waterproof, so you can trust that your equipment will all be in once place, ready for when you should need to use it.

Ensuring you are safe on the water can only enhance the fun you can have. After all, what’s fun about worrying about safety?

All the best,





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