Earthquake? What Earthquake?

Saturday 17th February. 2:30PM. What were you doing? Did you notice anything out of the ordinary? For a lot of us, no matter what we were doing, the answer is a resounding yes as Britain was hit by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake (according to the British Geological Survey) with the epicentre located just 8 miles northeast of Swansea, in the small Welsh village of Clydach. It is the largest recorded earthquake since the Market Rasen tremor of February 2008 and was felt as far north as Liverpool.

Happily, there are no recorded casualties and only scattered reports of potential building damage. If you have any concerns about the structural integrity of your building, SecureFix Direct strongly advise you contact the appropriate authorities.

SecureFix Direct-Showing the impact of the earthquake. (Courtesy of @LastQuake)

SecureFix Direct-Showing the impact of the earthquake. (Courtesy of @LastQuake)

Social media was awash with sharp wit, as expected, with the earthquake even stopping the Welsh Football League Division One clash between Port Talbot and Taff’s Well. What is no laughing matter though, is the damage it may have done to your garden. Perhaps then, this is a sign that you should get started on that DIY project you had planned for March. Even if there is no visible damage, it may be wise to double check the stability of your fence posts. Our post rammers are a fantastic option to erect fencing and are safer than standard household tools such as hammers or mallets. Our 6” rammers have proven very popular with our customers, with testimonies including “heavy duty” (Paul, April 2016) and has the ability to “handle nice thickness” (Bob, April 2017)

SecureFix Direct-Our Post Rammers are perfect for driving in your fence

SecureFix Direct-Our Post Rammers are perfect for driving in your fence

We also have a selection of fence post supports available, including post repair spurs. Available in both 3 and 4 inch varieties, they are ideal for repairing broken fences. To use, you simply square off the broken post then drive the spur down onto it to provide you the perfect base to refit or reinstall the fence post. These are available in both the wedge grip and bolt grip variations. If wire fencing is more your thing, our adjustable collapsible spinning jennies can be your best friend when it comes to unspooling your wire rope coil for the construction of your fence. They are also available with a zinc plated finish to offer additional rust protection.

We would love to see the end result of your DIY projects, so why not send us a photo using one of the below methods?



I hope this blog found you all safe and well.






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Product Focus: Stainless Steel Swageless Terminals

This edition of the SecureFix Direct blog will focus on stainless steel swageless terminals. We have recently fielded a few questions on our email, with customers asking how to use their terminals. Alongside responding individually to all those who enquired, it gave our team an idea. Why don’t we use these questions for a product focus?

So, why are the swageless terminals the best option for use in your project? Unlike their swaged cousins, the swageless terminals can be reused, making them a longer lasting option. This also makes them more convenient. With swaged terminals, if there is a fault in the rope, the terminal is condemned to the scrapheap along with the rope. This is not the case with the swageless variety; if the rope has an issue or is no longer needed, the swageless terminal can be salvaged for future use. They also do not need expert knowledge or heavy duty machinery for use, making them an ideal DIY option. The only tools that are required are your hands and a thread locking adhesive for maximum security.

SecureFix Direct-Everything you will find in one of your swageless terminals. (L-R) Forked, Screw and Eye Style

SecureFix Direct-Everything you will find in one of your swageless terminals. (L-R) Forked, Screw and Eye Style

Our swageless terminals come in three forms; forked, eyed and screwed, giving you a wide range of options to pick the best fit for what you need. Fear not, the assembly for each type is the same. In terms of the construction of the terminal, it is also the same across all three types, with the only difference being the style you have brought. Externally, there are two parts. These are the head (fork, eye or screw) and the body. Upon unscrewing the terminal, you will find a small cone shaped fitting in the body.

To use the swageless terminals, you must first cut your stainless steel wire rope with a pair of suitable wire rope cutters, taking care to ensure that it is a clean, square cut. If you haven’t already, disassemble your terminal and place your main external body over the rope. Then, slide the small cone over the rope. This should sit in position inside the main body. At this point, it is advisable to apply a thread locking adhesive to reduce water intrusion and to maintain the rust resistant properties of the stainless steel. Once applied, you then slide the head onto the rope and reassemble your terminal, tightening it to your desired fit.

SecureFix Direct-Inserting the cone into the main body to help secure your rope

SecureFix Direct-Inserting the cone into the main body to help secure your rope

SecureFix Direct-The finished terminal

SecureFix Direct-The finished terminal








What are suitable wire rope cutters, I hear you ask? Why can’t I just cut it using anything? The answer is to do with the DNA of the rope. Stainless steel rope is constructed in a circular fashion around the centre wire. In the case of a 7X19 reel of wire rope, there would be six outer strands snaked around the centre strand, making the 7 in total. Wire rope cutters are designed to this effect. The cutters are circular and as such maintain the construction of the rope and prevent it splaying when it is cut. If the rope is cut using any other equipment, the rope would automatically splay upon cutting, as bolt cutters and other cutters of that nature have a flatter makeup. A cautionary word: every wire rope cutter has a cutting capacity. Never exceed the stated capacity.

SecureFix Direct-A better look at the 7x19 construction of the wire rope

SecureFix Direct-A better look at the 7×19 construction of the wire rope

It is important to reiterate here that swageless terminals can only be used with stainless steel wire rope. This is due to the stainless steel makeup of the terminal. If it were to be used with, for example, galvanised wire rope, the differing properties of the two components would serve to compromise the integrity of the entire setup, significantly accelerating the onset of rust.

We hope this guide has proven to be useful in using your new swageless terminals. Got a picture of one in use? Send it our way using one of the methods below; we would love to see your images!







All the best!






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Drop That Anchor!

The final post of our boating trilogy will focus on anchoring. Despite what some think, it is not as simple as just throwing a heavy piece of metal overboard. There are many factors to consider environmentally and etiquette to be observed; then you need to make sure you have the right anchor! It may seem a lot, but SecureFix Direct are always happy to help.

So, what is this etiquette of which I write? Put simply, it is your key to getting credit on the waters. When you approach the anchorage, any boats that are already there take priority. You are required to respect the space needs of each boat and this includes their swing radiuses, primarily to avoid the headache of tangles beneath the surface, snagging all involved. Should you be anchoring at night, it is good form to use an anchor light, so that you and others know your position. Our cone shaped light is perfect for this, emitting enough light so you are clearly visible from a sensible distance without being intrusive to your fellow mariners.

SecureFix Direct-A respectful anchorage leads to a tranquil experience

SecureFix Direct-A respectful anchorage leads to a tranquil experience

With this in mind, you now need to choose the best anchor for you. It is a good idea when going to a new place to obtain some local knowledge to ascertain the nature of the waterway you will navigate and drop anchor. Is the bottom rocky, sedimentary or weedy? The correct anchor is important as it can minimise or eliminate risks such as drift when set.

The fisherman’s anchor is a two pronged anchor that is traditional in its appearance. It is a non burying anchor, and works very well when it is set in weedy and rocky areas, especially against cracks in the rock where it can latch on to.

Another non burying anchor is the folding anchor. These folding grapnel anchors come in two styles; galvanised and stainless steel. One of the positive aspects of these anchors is that they are lightweight yet are still robust enough for regular use.

SecureFix Direct-One of our folding anchors in all its four pronged glory

SecureFix Direct-One of our folding anchors in all its four pronged glory

A Danforth anchor is a burying type anchor which, once set, provides a high amount of resistance. It possesses great holding power in sedimentary bottoms, like those consisting of sand and mud. Danforth’s tend to be relatively light and easy to stow, making them one of the most popular and recognisable anchors among mariners.

Also at its best in sedimentary environments is the jet anchor. These clawed anchors are notably adaptable, turning with the forces it experiences once set. The three claw design allows it to set quickly and also gives it the capability to be reset easily if it breaks loose.


SecureFix Direct-On the move, ready to drop. The Bruce anchor will set quickly upon release

SecureFix Direct-On the move, ready to drop. The jet anchor will set quickly upon release

Of course, to connect your anchor and boat, you will require chain. At SecureFix Direct, we cut our chain to your requested specification. With both short and long link chain available with galvanised and stainless steel options, you can be sure you can get the perfect chain for your anchor setup.

Don’t forget, we would love to see any equipment you may have brought from us in use. Brought a cleat off us after last week’s blog? Let’s see it!

As ever, if anyone has a topic that you would like me to cover, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch using one of the methods below.

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Picture This!

On Friday (2/2), we published a blog on our website and social media platforms discussing cleats. (Missed it? You can read it here). We would like to thank everyone who has read the blog and we would love to know if it has been of any use to you. If so, contact us here or on one of our linked social media platforms at the bottom of the page and let us know!

One of the featured finishes of the piece was stainless steel. Ian sent us these photos on Sunday (4/2) showing us his newly installed bollard cleat.

SecureFix Direct-Ian's shiny new addition

SecureFix Direct-Ian’s shiny new addition

The previous blog had mentioned about the sheen of the stainless cleat; just have a look at the gleaming reflection against that dull water! A fine photo, thanks Ian.

If you have ever purchased anything from us, we would love to see it in action, no matter the product!

Keep your eyes peeled for a new blog arriving soon.


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What Cleat?

This latest instalment of the SecureFix Direct blog will continue to look at the boating equipment you may need ahead of the new season. Last week, we gave you some of the must have kit for inside your boat. (That blog can be viewed here). For this second instalment, we shall guide you through the different types of cleats available, allowing you to make an informed decision when the time comes to make a purchase.

The ability to moor a boat securely is one of the most important skills a mariner can possess.  We can think of nothing worse than the pain of discovering your showpiece having been damaged because of someone else’s failure to moor correctly. To avoid unnecessary damage and conflict with other boaters, it is important to emphasise that you must choose a cleat to suit the size of your mooring line. No matter the size, it must be firmly secured. Many skippers prefer their cleat to be able to hold at least two lines of the mooring line which they will be using. With that being said, you must ensure the line around the cleat is not too loose, where it can become easily detached, or too tight, which will put great strain on the line, running the risk of it snapping.

SecureFix Direct-A Selection Of Our Bollard Cleats

SecureFix Direct-A Selection Of Our Bollard Cleats

We stock a wide range of cleats, ranging from galvanised mooring cleats to stainless steel pop up cleats. Whilst most boats would utilise mooring cleats for their docking requirements, larger and more commercial vessels almost exclusively use bollard cleats, of which we supply both galvanised and stainless steel variations.

Our galvanised mooring cleats are ‘T’ shaped, ideal for the rope to be looped around. As they are galvanised, they have a significant usage life and like Ben in October 2017 testifies, “they are a nice sturdy well made…cleat”.

SecureFix Direct-One Of Our Galvanised Mooring Cleats In Action

SecureFix Direct-One Of Our Galvanised Mooring Cleats In Action

As part of the SecureFix Direct boating range, we also have a stainless steel selection of cleats. Stainless cleats are a highly popular choice for many reasons; not only does the stainless steel offer an exceptionally high level of rust protection, they are also considered to be more aesthetically pleasing than others. This is due to the sheen of the stainless finish. They are also easy to maintain. Our stainless cleats include the four hole low flat, two hole low flat, four hole hollow base and the skene type varieties.

Black Nylon cleats are also available with two holes for affixing to the boat. Again, due to the cleats being nylon, there is a high degree of corrosion resistance. As David in January 2017 stated, there is also the added advantage that they give the owner creative licence as you “can paint them to match the colour of the boat”. “That’s all very well and good”, I hear you say, “but are they any good?” I’ll let David answer that question: “The rope ties are great, very strong and will withstand the Great British weather”. A ringing endorsement of our 75mm variation. The 160mm versions are also ideal for Neal’s 8ft troll boat (Jun 2017). The 200mm iteration is deemed to do a “first class job of routing our mooring ropes correctly”. High praise again, this time from Tony (May 2017). Their quality speaks for itself.

SecureFix Direct-A Range Of Our Stylish Black Nylon Cleats

SecureFix Direct-A Range Of Our Stylish Black Nylon Cleats

We also supply anodised aluminium cleats which have a strong finish, are resistant to corrosion and abrasion, as well as being highly resistant to UV rays, something that sets them apart from other types of cleat. Like the stainless steel kind, the anodised aluminium cleats are easy to clean, thus upholding the high quality finish of the product.

The team at SecureFix Direct hope this information has proved valuable in your cleat choices.

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Have a topic you would like me to cover, or any questions? Drop me a message here, including FAO Shane in the subject line, where I would be more than happy to oblige. All the best, Shane

Boating Season-Time To Take The Helm!

With “The Telegraph” publishing the news of a 3.4% rise in revenue in the British boating sector in the last fortnight, it gave us at SecureFix Direct food for thought. With Brexit and the fall of the pound, could the traditional Great British Boating Holiday return? As a nation of seaside lovers, it would certainly make sense. Who hasn’t marvelled throughout life at the absolute serenity of a boat on the water, especially with the increasingly hectic, chaotic nature of everyday modern life?

SecureFix Direct-Appreciating An Idyllic Boat Journey

SecureFix Direct-Appreciating An Idyllic Boat Journey

Whether you are a returning boater, making those last few vital checks to your vessel before the season starts, or a complete novice looking to take the helm for the first time, SecureFix Direct are here to provide you with the equipment you require to hit the water.

Firstly, it is imperative that the bilge pumps are scrutinised. When inspecting your pump, it must be dry where possible and not overrunning; improper fitting or maintenance can lead to your vessel sinking. We at SecureFix Direct offer a wide range of Bilge Pumps, both manual and automatic, with a range of pumping capacities. These are highly popular with our boating customers, who state that they are “easy to fit”. Our 12V 600GPH automatic bilge pump has been dubbed “dependable with reliability built in” by Alan in January 2018 whilst the 750GPH standard version has been labelled a “little monster” which “saves a lot of manual work” (June 2017). The proof speaks for itself.

SecureFix Direct-Bilge Pumps Are Vital Pieces Of Kit!

SecureFix Direct-Bilge Pumps Are Vital Pieces Of Kit!

Another area you should check is your engine room, mainly for oily water. Depending on the volume of water that must be removed, our compact Water Scoop Plastic Bailer and 500mm Hand Suction Pump are fantastic options to clear that unwanted liquid and very easy to store once used.

Safety must also feature prominently on our checklist. Should somebody find themselves overboard, the 5 Step Emergency Ladders  provide a quick and easy save. Stored on the rail of the boat, they are deployed simply by pulling the handle, allowing your stricken shipmate to haul themselves back on board. The Man Overboard Kit is another useful option, containing rope, a buoy and a light for if the worst happens.  In terms of storing emergency equipment, the Emergency Marine Bag has the capacity to store lifejackets and other important products. This bag will be highly valuable when utilised and also water resistant, enabling it to be reused.

SecureFix Direct-Ensuring You Are Seen

SecureFix Direct-Ensuring You Are Seen

It is vital to check your navigation light systems which may have been laying dormant through the close season. They need to still be emitting sufficient light for you to be seen, even in tricky conditions. Our robust range of navigation lights are a great option, provided for the Port, Starboard, Stern and Masthead areas of your vessel. Sold individually or as part of a set, the LED can emit light up to a distance of 1 Nautical Mile.

SecureFix Direct would like to take this opportunity to wish all mariners taking the helm the very best ahead of the new season.

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Latest UK Snow Weather Warning.

That pesky white stuff is forecast again, with the Met Office issuing an amber warning to parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Yellow warnings are also in effect for other parts of the UK, especially the west side of the country, such as Wales and parts of the Midlands.

SecureFix Direct - Snowy Struggles Ahead!

SecureFix Direct – Snowy Struggles Ahead!

So what are these warnings and what do they mean?

There are three colours associated with the warnings, these help describe the severity of the forecast weather.

  • Yellow:  Severe weather is possible over the next few days and could affect you. You should plan ahead thinking about possible travel delays, or disruption of your day to day activities. The Met Office is monitoring the developing weather situation, keep an eye on the latest forecast and be aware that the weather may worsen, leading to disruption of your plans in the next few days.
  • Amber: There is an increased likelihood of bad weather affecting you, which could potentially disrupt your plans and cause travel delays, road and rail closures, interruption to power and potential risk to life and property. Amber means you need to be prepared to change your plans and protect you, your family and community from the potential impacts.
  • Red: Extreme weather is expected. You should take action now to keep yourself and others safe from the impact of the weather. Widespread damage, travel and power disruption, and risk to life is likely. You must avoid dangerous areas and follow the advice of the emergency services and local authorities.
SecureFix Direct - Helping You To Understand The Warnings.

SecureFix Direct – Helping You To Understand The Warnings.

The above matrix can help you to understand the likelihood and impact of a particular warning.

The Met Office website displays all of the current warnings, along with further descriptions of them. Keeping up to date with the current local weather situation is essential, so you can make your plans around this.

Having the right equipment for the weather is vital, whether that be wind, rain or in this case snow. We supply a huge range of equipment for any eventuality. Take a look at our website to see our range of recovery grip tracks, anti slip snow overshoes and trekking poles for example.

We hope any potential disruption you face is minimal. Stay safe.

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The Future Of Cleaning!

Welcome readers. Today we would like to talk about cleaning products. I know cleaning is a joy to some and a chore to others, but what if I said we could make it easier? Well we can, with our latest range of 40 and 7 shot cleaning solutions, perfect for many tasks around the home, boat or caravan.

The bottles are concentrated making them extra long lasting, giving you 7 or 40 times the containers capacity. The 7 shot, is a spray bottle that you top up with fresh water once empty. The 40 shot, you just add the dosage to the required amount of water. Always follow the instructions for the correct solution strength.

SecureFix Direct - British High Quality Cleaning Products.

SecureFix Direct – British High Quality Cleaning Products.

From barbecue cleaners to mould removal solutions and polishes, all of our cleaning range are made in Britain. This makes them of the highest quality as you would expect from a British product.

Our range will keep your home, boat, car and motorhome looking and smelling clean and fresh.

Keep an eye out on our website for our latest products and future blogs.

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Why So Many?

We have recently been asked by a customer, what are the different types of shackles and their pros and cons?

There are two main styles of shackles, bow and dee. They have various pin options including standard palm, square head, countersunk, allen key and safety to suit many different applications. These are available in various finishes including stainless steel, galvanised and self colour.

SecureFix Direct - Why So Many Types?

SecureFix Direct – Why So Many Types?

Bow shackles are capable of taking a load in multiple directions, giving you much more freedom on the range of applications compared to a dee shackle.

However, dee shackles are narrower than bow shackles, perfect for confined spaces. They are primarily used with chain due to the loads being in line. A dee shackle needs to have the load in line, as it may bend or twist if a side load is applied.

There are also many different applications where certain pin types may be required. For example in marine applications a captive pin would be more suitable to prevent dropping the pin in the water. In lifting applications you may find a safety pin version would be more appropriate, with the inherent extra safety it brings.

There are so many different shackle style combinations that it would be impossible to list them all. In the below video we will show you a selection of shackles showing you their differences.

We hope we have managed to shed some light onto the world of shackles for you, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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New Year New You?

So 2018 is upon us. This time of year always brings with it, the inevitable new years resolutions.

What are your new years resolutions? Some people decide to cycle or walk more, others join the gym. The majority, of people’s new year’s resolutions are about getting fitter and healthier for the year ahead.

SecureFix Direct - Fitness has never been so much Fun.

SecureFix Direct – Fitness has never been so much Fun.

So you have decided to get out there and do more walking this year. We have some fantastic accessories, which are perfect to help make walking a pleasurable experience.

SecureFix Direct - Trekking Poles The Ideal Walking Companion.

SecureFix Direct – Trekking Poles The Ideal Walking Companion.

We have trekking poles that are ideal for helping you navigate descents or though rough terrain, for where you need that extra support and stability. Portable gas stoves are great on those longer walks, light and easily slipped into a rucksack, fantastic for making a hot drink when out and about. To keep your gear dry during inclement weather, a waterproof dry bag is perfect inside your rucksack for extra protection.



SecureFix Direct - Inflatable Paddle Boards Are Excellent Fun.

SecureFix Direct – Inflatable Paddle Boards Are Excellent Fun.


Perhaps you fancy taking up a new sport? Have you ever considered experiencing Kayaking or Paddle Boarding? We have an awesome range of kayak transport accessories and the evermore popular inflatable/rigid paddleboards. Which are brilliant fun whilst helping to achieve that new years resolution.


Stay safe and enjoy your new endeavors.

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Remember To Keep It Secured!

Readers, you may remember a few days ago we published a blog regarding bicycle security. In which we detailed a few options to keep your bicycle secure. In our latest video we felt we should show you some of these options in action, showing just how quick and easy they are to use.

Always keep you bicycle locked and secured to prevent theft. We hope you enjoy the video, stay tuned for more of our regular blogs and videos.

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