Fancying A Caravan Adventure?

The Vernal Equinox, or the start of spring, happened yesterday and whilst it may not seem like it to some, spring is actually here and the weather is going to get warmer. With this in mind, it is time to turn our attention to caravanning. With a growth in the “staycation”, where people opt to holiday domestically as opposed to abroad, caravan parks become the stand out destination for these so-called “staycationers”. Perhaps you are a seasoned caravanner, or a rookie looking to have their first caravan experience. No matter your expertise, SecureFix Direct will be able to provide you with the goods you require to make your stay a successful one.

SecureFix Direct - A Warm Spring Day Is Worth The Wait In This Peaceful "Staycation" Site

SecureFix Direct – A Warm Spring Day Is Worth The Wait In This Peaceful “Staycation” Site

Firstly, we shall look at jockey wheels. The overall purpose of a jockey wheel is to move and adjust your trailer with the minimum of fuss. They are available with standard wheels or pneumatic wheels. Pneumatic wheels work exceptionally well when they go over loose surfaces such as gravel, as the wider surface area of the wheel and the grooved tyre enables it to absorb and ride over the rough surfaces easier than a standard wheel. At SFD, we stock a variety of jockey wheels, including those with plastic rims and those with serrated tubes. The main advantage of using a serrated jockey wheel is that it will have a significantly higher load rating than normal jockey wheels. As an aside, if you opt to use a serrated jockey wheel, you must use a serrated trailer clamp alongside it. This is because of the interlocking nature of the ribbed tubing, which gives it a higher amount of grip and stability. No matter the design of the jockey wheel you opt to use, it is a piece of kit you simply cannot go without.

SecureFix Direct - One Of Our Double Pneumatic Jockey Wheels

SecureFix Direct – One Of Our Double Pneumatic Jockey Wheels

For use with the jockey wheels are trailer clamps. These simply clamp onto the tubing of the jockey wheel to hold them in place. They are also exceptionally easy to use, one simply turns the handle clockwise or anticlockwise to tighten or loosen the clamp, depending on the desired effect. Again, as with the jockey wheels, they are available as smooth or serrated, and must be used with the corresponding variation. All of our clamps are available individually or as part of a set with the accompanying jockey wheel, perfect for sorting both parts in one fell swoop.

SecureFix Direct - A Clamp In Use Keeping Grip On A Jockey Wheel Tube.

SecureFix Direct – A Clamp In Use Keeping Grip On A Jockey Wheel Tube.

A fantastic companion to the above essentials is our heavy duty jockey wheel receiver. Made from heavy duty rubber, making it weather resistant, the receiver is designed to hold your wheel to stop it from sinking into the ground and also prevents any sidewards movement. In short, the receiver offers you a buffer between your wheel and the ground. It also reduces the threat of puncture, something that is a concern among those who use pneumatic wheels. They are a universal size, designed to fit all jockey wheels, so you can rest assured that no matter the size of your jockey wheel, our receiver will fit it.

SecureFix Direct - Great For Keeping Your Jockey Wheels In Place

SecureFix Direct – Great For Keeping Your Jockey Wheels In Place

We also stock a selection of spare wheels for the more prepared caravanner. They are to be used only with jockey wheels of the same dimensions. A spare wheel is a must-have, for we never know when the worst may happen and we can avoid being stranded by being prepared for all eventualities. As if that wasn’t enough, they can be stored conveniently without having to worry about space or weight. The perfect companion!

The team here at SFD HQ would like to wish you all a prosperous spring

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Here Comes The Snow. Again…

We all thought we had seen the last of it. Alas, it is the middle of March and yet the snow still comes down to cause havoc. Be one step ahead of the pack in this latest snow flurry and be prepared by using some of our specialist equipment to help you get around that little bit easier.

How do you get around? Are you a driver? Try our recovery tracks and traction mats. They are compact in size but mighty in use, as they help to optimise your grip so you can get your journey off to a safe start. They can be stored in your car, so when you are stuck halfway up that hill, why panic? Just head to the boot and lay down the mat, and away you go again. No need for pushing all that weight uphill, no reliance on passers-by to give you that push you would otherwise need. The traction mats are available in two high visibility colours; orange and yellow.

Perhaps, like myself, you get around by walking. Whether it’s to the shops or to work, your legs are your vehicle. Anyone who has ever walked in these conditions know that the pavements can be treacherous, changes in level hidden and the dreaded ice can cause even the most fleet of foot to go down embarassingly(and often, painfully!). My journey into SecureFix Direct is a tricky one when the snow falls, but I combat it by using our snow shoes. Placed over your footwear, the studded overshoe offers you added grip, so whilst all those around you are losing their footing, you are able to walk on, trouble-free and most importantly, pain free. In my own use of the snowshoes, I have found that it takes me the same amount of time to walk to work in the snow using them, as it does in normal conditions. You can’t get any better than that! To help on longer, essential journeys, we have a variety of trekking poles available.

The team at SFD hope this blog finds you safe and well.

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Time To Shine!

The onset of spring is positive; it gives people hope, daylight increases and with it a higher amount of positive feeling and “get up and go”. The feeling of new beginnings, symbolised by the botanical blooming we as a nation always look forward to, is a great one, giving us the impetus we sometimes need to get things done and, like nature, have a fresh start. Being fresh is something that does not need to be self limited; why can this not apply to our possessions? Our motorhomes, our boats, our homes. We will spend a lot of time throughout the year in these places, creating so many happy memories, why should they be exempt from being ‘fresh’?

SecureFix Direct-Celebrating the much-heralded arrival of spring

SecureFix Direct-Celebrating the much-heralded arrival of spring

Our range of cleaning products, available in both 7 shot and 40 shot varieties, bring a new outlook to the idea of the spring clean. We offer a wide range of internal and external cleaners, all of which are environmentally friendly and deep-cleaning, offering a pleasant after-smell. There is nothing worse than an over-bearing cleaning smell which can make you weep; instead be greeted by a fresh citrus smell if you use the 40 shot wash up and waste water treatment. This is a washing up liquid that also doubles up as a grey water tank cleaner. Pleasant and versatile, it has the ability to last over 6 months based on recommended usage every 7 days. We have caravan and motorhome external body cleaner and internal multi-purpose cleaner through to toilet cleaner! Seeking something to clean the depths of your boat? Our bilge cleaner is perfect for the job. Whilst removing foul odours, it also cleans the difficult substances such as oil that can be a nightmare for other cleaning products. This success is down to the specially developed formula that was made here in Britain.


All our 7 and 40 shot cleaning products contain a safety sheet on the product page on the SecureFix Direct website, should it be needed. These are free to view and download.

Got a question, thought or comment? Drop us a line on one of the below platforms, we would love to hear from you!

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Product Focus: Rigging Screws and Turnbuckles

The shortest month of the year has drawn to an end, bringing more daylight. As we start approaching the time of the year where the nights begin to get longer, the SecureFix Direct (SFD) team know that it is time to start planning and working on those DIY projects that we have forced into hibernation under the premise of it being winter. Be it erecting a balustrade somewhere in your garden or securing the rigging on your boat, our rigging screws and turnbuckles will provide the ideal solution for your needs.

What constitutes a turnbuckle, and what makes a rigging screw exactly that? In a nutshell, turnbuckles tend to be open bodied, with the thread visible whilst rigging screws are the opposite; closed with the thread hidden. It is for this reason that they can also be referred to as open or closed body rigging screws. Personal preference plays a huge part when choosing between using the rigging screw or a turnbuckle, as both look aesthetically pleasing as a result of their stainless steel finish which also offers a high degree of rust protection.

SecureFix Direct- A rigging screw on the left and on the right, a turnbuckle

SecureFix Direct- A rigging screw on the left and on the right, a turnbuckle

So, what can they be used for? Turnbuckles and rigging screws have a variety of uses, some of which you probably didn’t even know about, or realise! Primarily, they are used to adjust and tighten rigging. This can be theatrical or marine rigging. They are prime candidates for use with both industrial applications and for more domestic purposes, including for use out in the garden. Essentially, if you need to secure wire rope, then our open and closed body rigging screws are your best friends. Click here for more on wire rope.

SecureFix Direct-A great example of how our rigging screws can be used

SecureFix Direct-A great example of how our rigging screws can be used

These fittings will be a great looking yet useful addition to your project and the team here at SFD HQ would love to see the various ways you can use them. You can contact us below:


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Mother Nature Strikes!

This week, Britain has been battered by the so-called Beast From The East weather front and Storm Emma, which brought with them heavy snow and high winds, culminating in this past Thursday (at the time of writing) which the Met Office reported as “the coldest spring day on record”, with winds reaching as high as 60mph in some areas.

As we meet again now, the outlook is unsettled, but a lot less white. After our recent battering, it is imperative that we all check the safety of our fences. The likelihood is, sadly, there will have been some damage. For some of you, that is probably a blessing in disguise as it gives you an excuse to replace them! We have a wide range of fence post supports and repair spurs, so whatever your garden project, we can supply the security you seek. All of our fence post range are available in both 3 and 4 inch varieties, with both sizes available as bolt or wedge grips. Want to extend your fence? Our post extenders are the prime candidate to help your fence stand tall.

SecureFix Direct - A selection of our fence post support range

SecureFix Direct – A selection of our fence post support range

What is the difference between a wedge grip and a bolt grip? A wedge grip post will hold your fence in a vice like grip without requiring ‘extras’ like nuts and bolts, yet still standing firm and offering a high level of security. The bolt grip variety, on the other hand, operates a twin bolt system which gives it the same high level of security as the wedge grip, whilst also allowing you to easily remove the post and install another as and when required.

It won’t be just the fences that have taken a battering this week though; some of us have had our gates blown off or are just hanging on by a thread! Our range of stainless steel fittings can come to your rescue and with a varying range of appliances, we can accommodate for any need. Stainless steel offers a high amount of rust protection, making them ideal for outdoor use. We have hinges available, in both door and strap types, on top of cabin hook style locks and barrel bolt latches, perfect for your emergency.

SecureFix Direct - Secure your gate with one of our stylish barrel bolt latches

SecureFix Direct – Secure your gate with one of our stylish barrel bolt latches

Rest assured, the weather has not beaten us at SecureFix Direct and we will still be processing your orders. With Next Day Delivery* available, you can get your goods delivered swiftly and safely to your door.

SecureFix Direct - Committed to five star service

SecureFix Direct – Committed to five star service

From all of us here at SFD HQ, we hope this blog has found you safe and well as we all begin to recover from the recent bad weather.

Stay safe,





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Why Wire Rope?

This instalment of the SecureFix Direct blog will examine stainless steel wire rope and its many uses. Stainless steel wire rope can be used almost everywhere, from the construction industry to more domestic use in fencing or on balustrade structures. Stainless steel wire rope is a popular choice for both industrial and domestic consumers due to its superior rust protection and smoother finish compared to the roughness of its galvanised counterparts.

What can wire rope be used for? To play on the well known phrase, “how long is a piece of wire rope?”, it has uses in the construction industry, where it aids in the pulling, lifting and transportation of goods. Stainless steel wire rope is perfect for wire rigging, which is the most common method of rigging for most mariners due to its time-tested reliability. This type of wire rope can also be used to transport goods around a harbour, or even to aid the mooring process.

SecureFix Direct - Wire Rope Is Great For Use Out In The Garden

SecureFix Direct – Wire Rope Is Great For Use Out In The Garden

The three main constructions of stainless steel wire rope are 1×19, 7×7 and 7×19. The 7×19 wire rope is the most flexible variety, whilst the 1×19 would be used for something like standard rigging due to its rigid properties. It is important to remember that, if you are using stainless steel fittings, stainless steel rope must be used. This is to ensure that the rust protecting properties of the stainless steel parts do not get compromised. You may be wondering about using galvanised rope, as that has some corrosion resistant properties as well. Galvanised wire rope gets its rust resistant properties from a zinc coating. Naturally, this coating can wear down and detach over time, something that can prove fatal for your fittings if mixed.

Last week, we showed you how to use swageless terminals on wire rope (missed it? Catch up here). Stay tuned to the blog for next week’s edition where we take a look at rigging screws and turnbuckles.

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Earthquake? What Earthquake?

Saturday 17th February. 2:30PM. What were you doing? Did you notice anything out of the ordinary? For a lot of us, no matter what we were doing, the answer is a resounding yes as Britain was hit by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake (according to the British Geological Survey) with the epicentre located just 8 miles northeast of Swansea, in the small Welsh village of Clydach. It is the largest recorded earthquake since the Market Rasen tremor of February 2008 and was felt as far north as Liverpool.

Happily, there are no recorded casualties and only scattered reports of potential building damage. If you have any concerns about the structural integrity of your building, SecureFix Direct strongly advise you contact the appropriate authorities.

SecureFix Direct-Showing the impact of the earthquake. (Courtesy of @LastQuake)

SecureFix Direct-Showing the impact of the earthquake. (Courtesy of @LastQuake)

Social media was awash with sharp wit, as expected, with the earthquake even stopping the Welsh Football League Division One clash between Port Talbot and Taff’s Well. What is no laughing matter though, is the damage it may have done to your garden. Perhaps then, this is a sign that you should get started on that DIY project you had planned for March. Even if there is no visible damage, it may be wise to double check the stability of your fence posts. Our post rammers are a fantastic option to erect fencing and are safer than standard household tools such as hammers or mallets. Our 6” rammers have proven very popular with our customers, with testimonies including “heavy duty” (Paul, April 2016) and has the ability to “handle nice thickness” (Bob, April 2017)

SecureFix Direct-Our Post Rammers are perfect for driving in your fence

SecureFix Direct-Our Post Rammers are perfect for driving in your fence

We also have a selection of fence post supports available, including post repair spurs. Available in both 3 and 4 inch varieties, they are ideal for repairing broken fences. To use, you simply square off the broken post then drive the spur down onto it to provide you the perfect base to refit or reinstall the fence post. These are available in both the wedge grip and bolt grip variations. If wire fencing is more your thing, our adjustable collapsible spinning jennies can be your best friend when it comes to unspooling your wire rope coil for the construction of your fence. They are also available with a zinc plated finish to offer additional rust protection.

We would love to see the end result of your DIY projects, so why not send us a photo using one of the below methods?



I hope this blog found you all safe and well.






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Product Focus: Stainless Steel Swageless Terminals

This edition of the SecureFix Direct blog will focus on stainless steel swageless terminals. We have recently fielded a few questions on our email, with customers asking how to use their terminals. Alongside responding individually to all those who enquired, it gave our team an idea. Why don’t we use these questions for a product focus?

So, why are the swageless terminals the best option for use in your project? Unlike their swaged cousins, the swageless terminals can be reused, making them a longer lasting option. This also makes them more convenient. With swaged terminals, if there is a fault in the rope, the terminal is condemned to the scrapheap along with the rope. This is not the case with the swageless variety; if the rope has an issue or is no longer needed, the swageless terminal can be salvaged for future use. They also do not need expert knowledge or heavy duty machinery for use, making them an ideal DIY option. The only tools that are required are your hands and a thread locking adhesive for maximum security.

SecureFix Direct-Everything you will find in one of your swageless terminals. (L-R) Forked, Screw and Eye Style

SecureFix Direct-Everything you will find in one of your swageless terminals. (L-R) Forked, Screw and Eye Style

Our swageless terminals come in three forms; forked, eyed and screwed, giving you a wide range of options to pick the best fit for what you need. Fear not, the assembly for each type is the same. In terms of the construction of the terminal, it is also the same across all three types, with the only difference being the style you have brought. Externally, there are two parts. These are the head (fork, eye or screw) and the body. Upon unscrewing the terminal, you will find a small cone shaped fitting in the body.

To use the swageless terminals, you must first cut your stainless steel wire rope with a pair of suitable wire rope cutters, taking care to ensure that it is a clean, square cut. If you haven’t already, disassemble your terminal and place your main external body over the rope. Then, slide the small cone over the rope. This should sit in position inside the main body. At this point, it is advisable to apply a thread locking adhesive to reduce water intrusion and to maintain the rust resistant properties of the stainless steel. Once applied, you then slide the head onto the rope and reassemble your terminal, tightening it to your desired fit.

SecureFix Direct-Inserting the cone into the main body to help secure your rope

SecureFix Direct-Inserting the cone into the main body to help secure your rope

SecureFix Direct-The finished terminal

SecureFix Direct-The finished terminal








What are suitable wire rope cutters, I hear you ask? Why can’t I just cut it using anything? The answer is to do with the DNA of the rope. Stainless steel rope is constructed in a circular fashion around the centre wire. In the case of a 7X19 reel of wire rope, there would be six outer strands snaked around the centre strand, making the 7 in total. Wire rope cutters are designed to this effect. The cutters are circular and as such maintain the construction of the rope and prevent it splaying when it is cut. If the rope is cut using any other equipment, the rope would automatically splay upon cutting, as bolt cutters and other cutters of that nature have a flatter makeup. A cautionary word: every wire rope cutter has a cutting capacity. Never exceed the stated capacity.

SecureFix Direct-A better look at the 7x19 construction of the wire rope

SecureFix Direct-A better look at the 7×19 construction of the wire rope

It is important to reiterate here that swageless terminals can only be used with stainless steel wire rope. This is due to the stainless steel makeup of the terminal. If it were to be used with, for example, galvanised wire rope, the differing properties of the two components would serve to compromise the integrity of the entire setup, significantly accelerating the onset of rust.

We hope this guide has proven to be useful in using your new swageless terminals. Got a picture of one in use? Send it our way using one of the methods below; we would love to see your images!







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Drop That Anchor!

The final post of our boating trilogy will focus on anchoring. Despite what some think, it is not as simple as just throwing a heavy piece of metal overboard. There are many factors to consider environmentally and etiquette to be observed; then you need to make sure you have the right anchor! It may seem a lot, but SecureFix Direct are always happy to help.

So, what is this etiquette of which I write? Put simply, it is your key to getting credit on the waters. When you approach the anchorage, any boats that are already there take priority. You are required to respect the space needs of each boat and this includes their swing radiuses, primarily to avoid the headache of tangles beneath the surface, snagging all involved. Should you be anchoring at night, it is good form to use an anchor light, so that you and others know your position. Our cone shaped light is perfect for this, emitting enough light so you are clearly visible from a sensible distance without being intrusive to your fellow mariners.

SecureFix Direct-A respectful anchorage leads to a tranquil experience

SecureFix Direct-A respectful anchorage leads to a tranquil experience

With this in mind, you now need to choose the best anchor for you. It is a good idea when going to a new place to obtain some local knowledge to ascertain the nature of the waterway you will navigate and drop anchor. Is the bottom rocky, sedimentary or weedy? The correct anchor is important as it can minimise or eliminate risks such as drift when set.

The fisherman’s anchor is a two pronged anchor that is traditional in its appearance. It is a non burying anchor, and works very well when it is set in weedy and rocky areas, especially against cracks in the rock where it can latch on to.

Another non burying anchor is the folding anchor. These folding grapnel anchors come in two styles; galvanised and stainless steel. One of the positive aspects of these anchors is that they are lightweight yet are still robust enough for regular use.

SecureFix Direct-One of our folding anchors in all its four pronged glory

SecureFix Direct-One of our folding anchors in all its four pronged glory

A Danforth anchor is a burying type anchor which, once set, provides a high amount of resistance. It possesses great holding power in sedimentary bottoms, like those consisting of sand and mud. Danforth’s tend to be relatively light and easy to stow, making them one of the most popular and recognisable anchors among mariners.

Also at its best in sedimentary environments is the jet anchor. These clawed anchors are notably adaptable, turning with the forces it experiences once set. The three claw design allows it to set quickly and also gives it the capability to be reset easily if it breaks loose.


SecureFix Direct-On the move, ready to drop. The Bruce anchor will set quickly upon release

SecureFix Direct-On the move, ready to drop. The jet anchor will set quickly upon release

Of course, to connect your anchor and boat, you will require chain. At SecureFix Direct, we cut our chain to your requested specification. With both short and long link chain available with galvanised and stainless steel options, you can be sure you can get the perfect chain for your anchor setup.

Don’t forget, we would love to see any equipment you may have brought from us in use. Brought a cleat off us after last week’s blog? Let’s see it!

As ever, if anyone has a topic that you would like me to cover, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch using one of the methods below.

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Picture This!

On Friday (2/2), we published a blog on our website and social media platforms discussing cleats. (Missed it? You can read it here). We would like to thank everyone who has read the blog and we would love to know if it has been of any use to you. If so, contact us here or on one of our linked social media platforms at the bottom of the page and let us know!

One of the featured finishes of the piece was stainless steel. Ian sent us these photos on Sunday (4/2) showing us his newly installed bollard cleat.

SecureFix Direct-Ian's shiny new addition

SecureFix Direct-Ian’s shiny new addition

The previous blog had mentioned about the sheen of the stainless cleat; just have a look at the gleaming reflection against that dull water! A fine photo, thanks Ian.

If you have ever purchased anything from us, we would love to see it in action, no matter the product!

Keep your eyes peeled for a new blog arriving soon.


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What Cleat?

This latest instalment of the SecureFix Direct blog will continue to look at the boating equipment you may need ahead of the new season. Last week, we gave you some of the must have kit for inside your boat. (That blog can be viewed here). For this second instalment, we shall guide you through the different types of cleats available, allowing you to make an informed decision when the time comes to make a purchase.

The ability to moor a boat securely is one of the most important skills a mariner can possess.  We can think of nothing worse than the pain of discovering your showpiece having been damaged because of someone else’s failure to moor correctly. To avoid unnecessary damage and conflict with other boaters, it is important to emphasise that you must choose a cleat to suit the size of your mooring line. No matter the size, it must be firmly secured. Many skippers prefer their cleat to be able to hold at least two lines of the mooring line which they will be using. With that being said, you must ensure the line around the cleat is not too loose, where it can become easily detached, or too tight, which will put great strain on the line, running the risk of it snapping.

SecureFix Direct-A Selection Of Our Bollard Cleats

SecureFix Direct-A Selection Of Our Bollard Cleats

We stock a wide range of cleats, ranging from galvanised mooring cleats to stainless steel pop up cleats. Whilst most boats would utilise mooring cleats for their docking requirements, larger and more commercial vessels almost exclusively use bollard cleats, of which we supply both galvanised and stainless steel variations.

Our galvanised mooring cleats are ‘T’ shaped, ideal for the rope to be looped around. As they are galvanised, they have a significant usage life and like Ben in October 2017 testifies, “they are a nice sturdy well made…cleat”.

SecureFix Direct-One Of Our Galvanised Mooring Cleats In Action

SecureFix Direct-One Of Our Galvanised Mooring Cleats In Action

As part of the SecureFix Direct boating range, we also have a stainless steel selection of cleats. Stainless cleats are a highly popular choice for many reasons; not only does the stainless steel offer an exceptionally high level of rust protection, they are also considered to be more aesthetically pleasing than others. This is due to the sheen of the stainless finish. They are also easy to maintain. Our stainless cleats include the four hole low flat, two hole low flat, four hole hollow base and the skene type varieties.

Black Nylon cleats are also available with two holes for affixing to the boat. Again, due to the cleats being nylon, there is a high degree of corrosion resistance. As David in January 2017 stated, there is also the added advantage that they give the owner creative licence as you “can paint them to match the colour of the boat”. “That’s all very well and good”, I hear you say, “but are they any good?” I’ll let David answer that question: “The rope ties are great, very strong and will withstand the Great British weather”. A ringing endorsement of our 75mm variation. The 160mm versions are also ideal for Neal’s 8ft troll boat (Jun 2017). The 200mm iteration is deemed to do a “first class job of routing our mooring ropes correctly”. High praise again, this time from Tony (May 2017). Their quality speaks for itself.

SecureFix Direct-A Range Of Our Stylish Black Nylon Cleats

SecureFix Direct-A Range Of Our Stylish Black Nylon Cleats

We also supply anodised aluminium cleats which have a strong finish, are resistant to corrosion and abrasion, as well as being highly resistant to UV rays, something that sets them apart from other types of cleat. Like the stainless steel kind, the anodised aluminium cleats are easy to clean, thus upholding the high quality finish of the product.

The team at SecureFix Direct hope this information has proved valuable in your cleat choices.

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