Feels like Summer but it’s still Winter!

Ok, it is pretty close to the end of Winter admittedly but the temperatures this week have been record breaking across many areas of the UK. The last 2 days have seen records broken in England, Scotland and Wales, with over 20°C being recorded for the first time in Winter since records began. It’s a stark contrast to last year where we talking about the fabled “Beast from the East”. The warm temperatures encouraged myself to go and get a small tent ready for any last minute weekend getaways I might end up going on. Has this made you think of trying a spot of camping?

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It’s nearly time to get back on the water!

As spring quickly approaches, now is the time of year where many of you with barges, boats and yachts are thinking about getting back onto the water. With this in mind, there is almost always some last minute preparation that needs sorting prior to setting off on another journey. This could be a lick of paint, some new cutlery for the kitchen onboard, or maybe something more technical such as a bilge pump or float switches. If you do need something for your boat, then read on for some of our stocked and exciting new products we have to offer!

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Get your Caravan Axle Stands now!

If you’re a caravan owner or have a site full of them, then we have something for you! Our latest delivery of Caravan Axle Stands is here but not for long! These have been selling like hot cakes over the last couple of weeks as site owners are preparing for the new holiday season. If you’re still in need of a set of these to keep your caravans stable & level, then read on.

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A Guide To Lifting Equipment

A Brief Introduction to Lifting

The first piece of industrial lifting equipment were cranes, thought to have been developed by ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman builders. Many of these cultures developed strong skills in construction as shown because of the buildings they created that are still standing today. These early cranes would’ve used animal or man power to lift weight, whereas larger cranes would have an individually powered treadwheel. Continue reading

Keeping your Vehicle Pristine!

To me, keeping my weekend car clean and tidy even while it is off road during the winter is pretty important. The last thing I need to happen is to get to it on that first sunny day in spring to find I need to wash it before making the most of the weather. Not only that, but the longer dirt remains, the longer it usually results in trying to remove it. Continue reading

Preparation for the new Holiday Season

With Christmas and the New Year behind us, preparations are underway across the UK for the upcoming holiday season; whether you’re an avid camper, boat owner or a caravan site owner. The recent spell of weather has been comparatively mild and dry compared to this time last year, so why not get out and make the most of it? This is the perfect opportunity to get some maintenance done on your pride and joy, or your caravan park, prior to the holiday season. Continue reading

Let us help relieve some of your stress this Christmas

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4 Products You’ll Need To Enjoy & Stay Safe This Winter.

We all need to keep ourselves safe throughout the year, especially during the winter months with the additional hazards associated with the cold. At SecureFix Direct we’ve been exploring how to stay safe this winter; we’ve considered the main safety aspects to provide you with answers you have been looking for. Discover what equipment you’ll need to get you through cold weather conditions over the next few months, take a read through our blog. Continue reading