Preparation for the new Holiday Season

With Christmas and the New Year behind us, preparations are underway across the UK for the upcoming holiday season; whether you’re an avid camper, boat owner or a caravan site owner. The recent spell of weather has been comparatively mild and dry compared to this time last year, so why not get out and make the most of it? This is the perfect opportunity to get some maintenance done on your pride and joy, or your caravan park, prior to the holiday season. Continue reading

Let us help relieve some of your stress this Christmas

In years gone by, I’ve been more than guilty of digging myself a hole when it come to arranging gifts and deliveries in time for Christmas. December 24th was always a frantic rush trying to get everything done prior to nipping out to the local for a few beverages in front of the open fire. Though the intention this year is to get everything done sooner and relax, no doubt I’ll end up missing something to allow me to “enjoy” that last minute rush again. Continue reading

4 Products You’ll Need To Enjoy & Stay Safe This Winter.

We all need to keep ourselves safe throughout the year, especially during the winter months with the additional hazards associated with the cold. At SecureFix Direct we’ve been exploring how to stay safe this winter; we’ve considered the main safety aspects to provide you with answers you have been looking for. Discover what equipment you’ll need to get you through cold weather conditions over the next few months, take a read through our blog. Continue reading

3 Car Must Haves for the Winter Weather!

November is here! We’ve all felt the colder weather and the inevitable snow shall be fast approaching. With many of us still needing to carry out the “day to day” we shall be looking at those essential in car must haves to ensure you are fully equipped for the winter difficulties. The 3 products we shall be looking at are all lightweight, compact, durable and real must haves for your car this winter. Continue reading

Motor Through Winter With Our Storage And Maintenance Tips!

Where has the year gone? I can’t believe we are already in October; it feels like only last week we were basking in the heat of summer. The days are now getting shorter, the nights longer and the weather? Well, the less said about that, the better!

Now is the time to think about winter preparations and storage if you own a prized car or bike that you use sporadically. Perhaps, like myself, you are a big motorsport fan who also races but now needs to store their “baby” until next season. Regardless of your motivation behind having a second vehicle and storing it, there are plenty of ways to ensure it remains in peak condition over the difficult winter months. Continue reading

Harvest Festival & The Beginning of Autumn

Understanding the Autumn Equinox

What is autumn?

Autumn is the season between summer and winter and tends to fall around the third quarter of the year, mainly between September & October. Autumn can be seen coming as the leaves on the trees change from a vibrant green to a rustic brown, red and yellow as they begin to fall from their trees as a result of the change in temperature. Continue reading

How to Survive in University Halls of Residence.

The first days spent away from home during your university study in the halls are often a mixed bag of nerves. Meeting so many new people can be daunting, along with getting accustomed to life away from the comfort zone of living with your parents. Having to do your own washing & cooking can be a kick up the backside for some. People may decide to deal with this by forgetting about it all, with the help of a few shots of cheap vodka at the student bar. However, the headache from that will be far greater than the headache of doing your own chores, so why not get ahead of the game?

Continue reading