Put the Pedal to the Metal!

These innovative electric folding bikes are a perfect mode of transport, whether it be to work and back, pure leisure or to get around when camping or caravanning. The unique design of the aluminium frame results in only 16.5kg in weight that takes just 3 simple steps to fold down into a compact size that can fit into the boot of most vehicles.

The battery is discreetly hidden within the seat post, making the bike inconspicuous and difficult to spot that it is an electric bike. The battery management system protects the battery from over charging, over loading and reaching a high temperature. The management system also improves the cell performance which helps with achieving a longer riding range.

The seat post is removable so that it can be charged separately rather than when still on the bike. The bike can be used with or without pedal assistance, leaving you with the choice of an exercise ride, or a relaxing ride. The motor has a built in clutch to prevent extra effort being required when the motor is powered down.

Rejuvenate your Caravan or Motorhome!

Solar Powered Ventilator

Damp is an excess of moisture that builds up overtime and this can cause severe damage to your Caravan. One of the best solutions for this issue is to install an extractor ventilation fan. Our no-noise ventilator is powered by sunlight, and works all year around to help prevent damp, condensation, mildew, musty odours and mould. It has an extraction rate of 11.6 cubic feet per minute, and is ideal for boats, caravans, motorhomes, kitchens and greenhouses. The robust, waterproof construction allows our fan to be fitted into brick, metal and wood (requires a thickness greater than 40MM). An attachable plastic sleeve can extend the length of the extractor. The mono crystalline cells in the solar panel, work well in both bright and fairly cloudy conditions, so you’ll never be let down.


Our Latest Bilge Pump & Float Switch Combination Units Are Here!

Our range of Automatic Bilge Pumps have expanded! This combination gives you an effective pump and auto float switch in one unit. It will switch on when water levels in your bilge activate the float switch, and shut off when the excess water is removed. These pumps come with ignition protection, and you can also disconnect the cable and strainer base in seconds for easy cleaning when required. Compared to some older pumps, it has an improved flow channel and higher head lift. The float is a reed style switch which works by a magnet activating the switch to operate the pump. This switch floats on the water and activates the bilge pump reliably, keeping you afloat.

Rotating Image of a White & Black Automatic Bilge Pump

All angles of our latest Automatic Bilge Pump!

The range is available in pump capacities of 600GPH, 750GPH & 1100 GPH so you can be assured that we’ll have a pump to suit your requirements! If you’ve any questions related to any of the above, feel free to contact us via email or send us a message via the social media links below.

Enjoy your day!




Inflatable Utility Paddle Board

Water Sport Paddle Board

Our Utility Paddle Board comes with a high quality storage bag, pump, paddles, fin, safety strap and emergency repair kit. The high quality board has a carry handle for portability convenience. It will not deflate when the cover is removed for ultimate safety. To deflate, press button in valve and apply weight to the board. This makes the deflation process safer.

paddle board

Our fantastic paddle board

Product Code Length(MM) Width(MM) Depth(MM) Paddle Length(MM) Paddle Width(MM)
SFZZNYOIS10 3200 730 150 Min – 1720
Max – 2110
SFZZNYOIS12 3600 780 190 Min – 1720
Max – 2110
SFZZNYOIS8 2400 775 75 Min – 1720
Max – 2110

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Transcool Evaporative Air Cooling Fan

If you’re looking for an effective, lightweight & compact air cooler, then this is the product for you! Our Transcool EC3F Plus Evaporative Air Cooler plugs into any 12V, 24V or 240V power supply. There are no permanent fittings required making it totally portable and great for use in cars, vans, caravans, campers, boats or tents. Its dry weight is only 1.5KG, enhancing its portability. At a compact size of 22cm x 25cm x 22cm, you can pretty much put this where ever you like!

It has 4 directional air vents for increased coverage, improving on previous 2 directional models. The fan has a variable speed feature from off to high, you can select any speed in between to suit your needs! Its soft mounting reduces noise for a quieter operation.

This model is supplied with:

1 x Replacement Cooling Pad
1 x External 5L Water Tank
1 x Carry/Storage Bag
1 x Mains Transformer for home use.

A white Evaporative Cooler with directional fans

Keep cool with the portable and lightweight Transcool Evaporative Cooler!

Stay cooler for longer!

The internal 1.8L water tank will provide over 8 hours of cooling on a low fan speed and an external 5L water unit is supplied for longer use, which can provide over 30 hours of cooling. The unit has a low battery cut out feature, which will help to prevent you from completely draining a vehicle’s battery.

The Cooler is an environmentally friendly option to cooling the air, it can be used with tap water, or should you require an even cooler breeze; ice.


Low speed         0.7 amps / 8 watts per hour
Medium speed   1.3 amps / 16 watts per hour
High speed        1.7 amps / 21 watts per hour

Two year limited warranty (does not include external 5L water tank or cooling pads)

CE certified to comply with European safety standards.

What it will not do:

Transcool (or any other 12v evaporative cooler) will not necessarily cool down an entire room to ‘x’ degrees like a refrigerated split system air conditioner that requires mains power electricity or engine driven compressors to operate.

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Multipurpose Collapsible Baskets

Our Multipurpose Collapsible Baskets are manufactured from polypropylene making them strong and durable. When not in use they can be folded down, they area ideal for small places. Designed for a range of uses such as shopping, work, in the car or caravan. Ours have easy to carry handles and comes in a choice of 3 sizes.

Max/Min Height       Length      Width

Small:   15CM/4CM      30CM       20CM

Medium: 19CM/5CM     37CM      25CM

Large:    24CM/7CM      44CM      30CM


Our Largest basket

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Get out on the bike!

As Summer is approaching and the evenings are getting ever lighter, there is more opportunity for you to get outdoors and do something different with your spare time, which you couldn’t do as often in Winter. An added bonus (depending on the kind of weather you enjoy) is that it’s usually warmer and sunnier, increasing that “feel good” factor. A personal favourite thing for me to do when the sun is shining and I’ve some spare time is to get out on my bike.

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Safety On & Off the Road

Road Safety is always a hot topic within our office at SecureFix Direct. We’ve often got thoughts and ideas on how to improve certain roads or car parks to prevent excess traffic build up or accidents. With this in mind, we’ve always had a range of items to help prevent some of the above. However now we’ve a couple of new items in to help in other situations too! Let’s take a quick look at some of these. Continue reading

Staying in or Going away? Here’s some Easter Inspiration!

The Easter Bank Holiday is nearly here! I personally can’t wait for a few cheeky days away from the office, my blog is here to give you some inspiration on what to do whether you’re planning to stay at home or get away for the long weekend.

6″ Post Rammer Driver

Why not make the most of the long weekend and get some home maintenance jobs done? If you’ve been thinking of putting up a fence or making some improvements to your existing one, I would recommend a Post Rammer. We supply a Heavy Duty Rammer which makes easy work of driving fence posts deep into the ground. It can be used for both square or round posts and unlike a conventional hammer our Post Driver is safer to use and still leaves a secure & sturdy finish.

post rammer driver

A Heavy Duty Post Rammer makes easy work of erecting fence posts.

8MM LPG Gas Hose Pipe

If you’ve not had your first BBQ of 2019 yet, get the family together this Easter weekend and get showing off your BBQ cooking skills! If you’ve purchased a new BBQ, you’ll need some gas hose to connect the gas bottle to the BBQ. Our Gas Hose Pipe will fit many L.P.G, Propane and Butane regulators, it’s supplied in a length of 5 metres and conforms to BS3212/2. If you already have a BBQ it’s recommended you change your pipe every 5 years for optimal safety and performance.

gas hose pipe

Our 5 Metre Gas Hose Pipe, ideal for BBQ’s

Strong Plastic Ground Sheet Pegs

Have you planned to get away for weekend? Camping is always great fun and our Strong Pegs can ensure your tents ground sheet is safely secured down. We supply a large pack of 50 pegs and the domed shaped head will help to prevent any trips, there is also an extractor hole which makes easy work of removing the pegs. Ours are suitable for a range of ground sheets sizes and can be used in soft or hard ground.

ground sheet pegs

The pack of 50 Ground Sheet Pegs are great for camping.

Folding 80W Solar Panel

If you decide to go adventuring in your motorhome or boat our Folding Solar Panel Kit can be a great piece of equipment to power your amenities through the sun’s rays. Our panel will give you 80 watts of power when placed in the sunlight and the sleek design can be folded away whilst not in use. The panel we supply has a high transmission low iron tempered glass, a crystalline cell panel and a lightweight Aluminium frame. Kit out yourself out with the latest gear today!

80W folding solar panel

Our Sleek Folding Solar Panel.

High Definition TV’s

A piece of equipment which can be used both at home or in the caravan is a Portable TV, we offer a range of TV’s some include a built in sound bar and DVD player. Ensure you don’t miss out on your favourite TV shows no matter where you are! All our TV’s are high definition and are lightweight making them easy to transport.

sound bar, DVD player TV

The Sierro Three in One, 19″ TV.

As you can see we offer a range of equipment to ensure no matter what you do it’s made the most of. You can explore our full range of products at SecureFixDirect.com. Myself and the whole SecureFix Direct team hope you have a lovely Easter and enjoy plenty of chocolate!

Have a great week,




Accessories for your Vehicle you may not have Considered.

Here at SecureFix Direct we’ve been looking at essential motoring products. Some to carry equipment on your vehicle and others for practicality, take a look and see if we can inspire you!

Bike Carrier

One product which can be used all year around is our Large 4 Bike Carrier, which can fit onto any standard tow bar and still allow you access to the boot, even with bikes attached to the carrier. The simple yet stylish curved design will look great on any vehicle. Ours come with rear lights which are e mark approved. It can hold 4 bikes so the whole family can get involved, just think of all the fun adventures you could have on holiday!

4 bike carrier

Our Stylish 4 Bike Carrier.

Hand Winch

A great piece of equipment which can help in a range of scenarios, such as pulling your boat out of the sea is our range of  Hand Winches. They can be bolted onto your vehicle and pull items such as trailers, caravans, bikes and much more. Our Winches come with a duracoat, stainless steel or zinc plated finish and some are fitted with an integral brake as an added safety feature. With this piece of equipment, you’ll always have a helping hand.

black hand winch

Our Handy 2500LB Hand Winch.

Tyre Chocks & Savers

If you ever need a product to prevent your vehicle rolling whilst it’s jacked up then we have our compact chocks, which can be kept in the boot of your car.  Our Tyre Chocks are manufactured of a strong durable plastic which slots under the wheel of your vehicle to prevent it rolling and provide additional grip to the ground whilst the brake is applied. We even have Chocks with Handles which allows then to be inserted and removed easily. Our Tyre Savers are designed to prevent flat spots on your wheels by cradling them off the ground, these can also be connected for much wider tyres.

yellow wheel chock

Our Chocks can be supplied in a set of 4.

T Bar Lock

We all want the best security for our vehicles but sometimes the car lock is not enough. A brilliant theft deterrent is a steering wheel lock, our T Bar lock is easily visible and therefore a top deterrent due to the bright yellow colour. This product is supplied with 3 keys which have a patented moon locking barrel. The advantage of using a moon shape key is that the lock barrel cannot be forced open as easy using a screwdriver or similar tool.

Steering wheel lock

Our T Bar Lock comes supplied with 3 keys.

These are just a few vehicle accessories you may not have considered, our Motoring and Towing section at SecureFixDirect.com has a whole lot more to offer! For any advice or more inspiration contact us on the social media link or email us.

Have a lovely week,