SFD Recommends: Slacklining

Last month, we introduced our SFD Recommends feature, where we take a look at different activities that we think you should try. The first edition, released last month and available to read here, focused on kayaking, geared towards those of you seeking out a new, high octane sport to participate in. Maybe you read that and thought “I could do with something far less intense”. If so, then read on, because slacklining could be the best thing you never knew about.

Originating in 1980’s California as a rest day activitiy for climbers, slacklining has evolved hugely. In essence, the balance of the person on the line forms the basis of the activity. It can also be a great alternative to conventional exercise methods. In fact, slacklining is popular among the burgeoning CrossFit community; it is seen as a way to improve coordination, focus, concentration, agility and of course balance.

SecureFix Direct - Putting Myself Through A Test Of Balance. I Didn't Fall, Honest...

SecureFix Direct – Putting Myself Through A Test Of Balance. I Didn’t Fall, Honest…

Ok, sounds good: What do I need to get involved?

All you require is one of our slackline ratchet straps, which are available in three lengths: 15m, 20m and 25m. You also must have two anchor points for you to attach your slackline to at both ends; something like trees or poles will suffice. Our slacklines are produced to a 2 inches wide specification, giving you extra space to plant your foot down. They are also exceptionally easy to use; simply tie the line to your chosen anchor points and ratchet continuously until secure. The line will then appear to be tight. Usually, you would set your slackline up a few feet off the ground, so as not to fall too far early on!

SecureFix Direct - All Our Slacklines Are Quick & Easy To Set Up. Pictured Is Our 15 Metre Version.

SecureFix Direct – All Our Slacklines Are Quick & Easy To Set Up. Pictured Is Our 15 Metre Version.

As I have alluded to, trees are a popular anchor point of choice for slackliners. It is worth noting that slacklining etiquette dictates that you protect the trees you use from the abrasion of the webbing. To do so, slackliners often apply tree pads and/or old cloths to the tree in order to prevent abrasion on the trunk.

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On Your Bike!

The Independant are reporting that the early May bank holiday was the hottest on record, with Britain basking in sunshine for the long weekend. The team here at SecureFix Direct were also able to enjoy the sunshine in temperatures of 23 degrees plus, and as a workforce who love the outdoors, a decision was made to take our newest addition out for a spin. What is this new thing, you ask? Our black folding electric bike.

SecureFix Direct - Getting Ready To Go!

SecureFix Direct – Getting Ready To Go!

The way we travel has been changing for years, with the advent of electronic and hybrid vehicles leading the way in the fight for a greener, more eco-friendly way of carrying out our daily commute. Convenient and compact, we found the bike to be fantastically lightweight whilst acting as you would expect a normal bike to act. It really shouldn’t have been a surprise, as this bike comes with multi-mode settings on a clear, multi-function LCD display allowing you to maintain control at all times. Documenting the speed you are doing, the distance you have covered and the current battery level, all via a simple, three button system, you can make the bike easily work for you. Want to get to work not feeling sweaty? Let the bike take the strain. Perhaps you are trying out a new summer fitness regime? Hop onto the bike, set yourself a target and track your progress! Once you are finished, you can fold the bike down in three easy steps meaning you can take the bike with you wherever you please. Concerned about the weight of the bike? Don’t be! The design of the aluminium frame means that it only weighs 14kg!

SecureFix Direct - Packing Up For Now

SecureFix Direct – Packing Up For Now

The bike has a weight limit of 100kg with a top range of 31 miles depending on the load on the bike and the terrain covered. The bike has a restricted top speed of 15mph which is fully compliant with British law.  With a full charging time of just three hours, it won’t be a burden on your electric bill either! A model of convenience. Also included is a battery management system, a vital component on any electric bike. What this system does is monitor the temperature of the battery and output levels to prevent overcharging and overheating. In short, the bike works for you. The battery is discreetly located in the seatpost, so there are no worries of having some kind of disaster where you lose the battery. The seatpost itself is removable so you can charge it seperately or whilst it is on the bike.

SecureFix Direct - The Bike In All Its Glory

SecureFix Direct – The Bike In All Its Glory

The bike will be delivered to you complete with the battery charger, mud guards, rear rack, front reflector and rear light, meaning you will have everything you need in one fell swoop. All you will need to do is give the bike a full charge before you take it out for the first time. What more do you need?

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Don’t Be Bored…Grab A Board!

Enthused by the idea of kayaking, but don’t particularly fancy a sit down only vessel? Perhaps you may be a thrillseeker, or looking for something a little more individual to get the adrenaline pumping. If the above statements have stirred a little something within you, then our bodyboards may give you the thrill that you seek. Available as inflatable or solid, they also come in a variety of sizes so you can get the board you desire.

If you are looking for a versatile option, then the solid bodyboard should certainly be considered. Manufactured in such a way that it can be used by adults and children alike, this durable board is a brilliant family option. You don’t need to worry about losing it on the water either, it contains a coiled strap that can be attached to your wrist or your ankle, depending on your preference. This then ensures that even if you fall, your board will be safe and you won’t lose it. What’s not to love?

SecureFix Direct - "A SUP Board And An Open Sea? Bliss."

SecureFix Direct – “A SUP Board And Calm Water? Bliss.”

We also offer inflatable paddle boards (also known as SUP boards) in three different lengths; 2.4m, 3.2m and 3.6m. Each paddle board has its own individual inflation time and capacity. Fear not though, the 3.6m board pumps up in approximately 5 minutes, so no matter what size board you choose for your entertainment, they will all be pumped up safely and quickly. All three paddle boards come complete with a storage backpack for the board and will be accompanied by paddles, pump, a detachable fin for stability, a safety strap and perhaps most importantly, an emergency repair kit. The board itself, once deflated, fits snugly in it’s backpack, as should the smaller components, making it easy to transport and store. Afraid of it deflating on you? There is no need to panic. These inflatable paddle boards do not deflate when the cover for the valve is removed. To deflate, the button in the valve must be pressed with weight applied to the board when the cover is removed.

SecureFix Direct - Experiencing Beauty On The Water.

SecureFix Direct – Experiencing Beauty On The Water.

As ever, we are keen to see your pictures and would love to see where our boards take you.

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What Your Kayak Needs

Last week, we debuted our new feature, “SFD Recommends”. Want to see what it’s all about? Click here to read the first article. This blog will continue on the path that “SFD Recommends” set us on; namely discussing the equipment you really should own if you are a kayaker, or looking to get into kayaking.

As we alluded to last time, you can take the kayak with you if you are going camping or caravanning, for example. All you need is a roof rack. At SecureFix Direct, we have a lightweight, easy to assemble roof rack ideal for transporting your kayak and keeping it protected thanks to the layer of foam padding located on the contact points with the board. When not transporting your kayak, they fold down compactly so they can be stored with great ease.

SecureFix Direct - Where Will Kayaking Take You?

SecureFix Direct – Where Will Kayaking Take You?

Continuing on the theme of transportation, we also have two types of kayak trolley on offer; one type adjustable, the other folding. Thanks to their pneumatic wheels, both types harbour excellent grip, making them the ideal candidate to manoeuvre your kayak on poor surfaces such as mud and sand. With the ability to adjust your levels, the adjustable trolley can be used with a wide variety of kayak sizes. This is not to discredit the folding trolley, though. The folding trolley is a great convenient companion, as the kickstand it comes with allows it to stand freely. Both the folding trolley and the adjustable trolley have a capacity of 100KG.

In terms of further accessories, the waterproof dry bags should be seen as indispensable for any self-respecting kayaker, or general watersport enthusiast. Durable, with a variety of capacities(10L, 20L, 40L.), these dry bags can be taken onto the water with you to keep your valuables, equipment and any general items you may have, dry. They don’t have to be used individually either. They are designed in such a way that they will fit into a rucksack comfortably, thus giving your backpack an extra degree of security and increased waterproofing.

SecureFix Direct - Almost Ready To Go. Now, Where's My Paddle!?

SecureFix Direct – Almost Ready To Go. Now, Where’s My Paddle!?

If we have inspired you to go kayaking, we would love to see you in action. There really isn’t much out there better than getting up close and personal with the natural beauty of Great Britain.

From the team at SecureFix Direct,

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SFD Recommends: Kayaking

Are you looking for a new activity to participate in this summer? Craving a new perspective or just a bit of peace and quiet? Once again, you have come to the right place. Welcome to this installment of the SecureFix Direct blog, and our sub-feature: “SFD recommends”. We understand that sometimes we get fed up of the monotony of the same activities and the same routines at the same time of the year. Everyone needs to shake things up once in a while. With this in mind, SFD recommends kayaking. Before we look at reasons to go kayaking, it must be stated that a license is required to access the British Waterways systems. There are various organisations who offer a license, and there are a lot of regional variations, so make sure that you enquire locally so you get the correct licensing you require.

SecureFix Direct - Appreciating The Stunning Scenery On A Kayak

SecureFix Direct – Appreciating The Stunning Scenery On A Kayak

There are three types of kayaking; extreme, sea and touring. The latter two are great for exploring Britain’s hidden gems, whilst extreme kayaking is one for the adrenaline junkies out there, with numerous competitions.

However, we will focus on the more serene, tranquil and relaxing versions of kayaking. It can be done anywhere where there is a body of water, so you can do it on a river, the canal or the sea. One of the great things about kayaking is how it allows you to get up close and personal with nature, offering you better perspectives than if you were to be just passing on the walkway. Tied in with this is the chance to explore the natural beauty of Great Britain. Picture the scene. A warm summer’s day and the family has gone to the beach. The sea is calm, disturbed only by holidaymakers. You decide to take the kayak out for an afternoon of exploration. Most beaches have hidden areas of beauty and curiosity, with kayaking offering you the means to discover them.

SecureFix Direct-Kayaker's Can Discover Places Like This. What Lies Within?

SecureFix Direct-Kayaker’s Can Discover Places Like This. What Lies Within?

Variety is the spice of life, as the well-known phrase goes. So, you are taking the caravan out, or are going on a camping holiday. You can combine the two activities, offering you another day activity or excursion that you can insert into your itinerary.

If you are looking for a new way to exercise, and the gym just isn’t cutting it any more, why not give kayaking a chance? Take your gym outdoors, and have a peaceful and tranquil workout which you will enjoy. This is down to the action of paddling the kayak, which exercises the upper body.

We have given you some of our reasons to get onto the water and do a bit of kayaking. Why will you be on the water?

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Raising The Bar For Caravan Satellite Dishes

Caravanning will never be the same again. Quite a bold statement, I hear you say. Introducing, the newest addition to the SecureFix Direct range; the MobilSat Automatic HD Satellite Dish. It’s sure to have a big impact due to being compact yet equally, if not more effective than it’s larger rivals. Efficiency and convenience are two of the values that we look for in products that we put our SecureFix Direct name to, and are two of the things that sets this piece of equipment apart from it’s competition.

This dish is designed with the specific purpose of giving users the best signals. Gone are the days of pointing your standard satellite dishes in the sky and hoping for the best. Not only do you get fantastic HD TV, the Mobilsat dish is programmed with 16 satellites prebuilt in, with the capacity for you to add 4 ‘custom’ satellites, with both automatic and manual search functions available. The beauty of this is, whether you are a complete novice or a satellite expert, you will be able to watch what you want (certain geographical and subscription restrictions apply). You don’t even need to worry about refinding the last satellite you accessed. The MobilSat is smart and automatically saves the last selected satellite, allowing you to simply pick up where you left off last time, saving you a lot of time and hassle. A convenient companion. Thanks to its patented pentagonal design, the 68cm MobilSat dish actually has the range that an 80cm dish will give you, meaning you get optimum performance without having to transport around a large eyesore on the roof. Once retracted, the dish measures at just 205mm tall, meaning that it will have very little impact on your headroom.

SecureFix Direct - The MobilSat Dish's Map Of Reception

SecureFix Direct – The MobilSat Dish’s Map Of Reception

Other features on the dish include the self-testing feature, which is something that is carried out upon every start-up. Not only is this another tick in the box for the value of convenience, it also helps to recognise, diagnose and then fix any issues early, minimising your worry and disruption. Once the initial satellite installation has taken place, the typical time to search for the satellite stands at 60 seconds. Let’s put that in perspective. It will find a satellite quicker than you can boil the kettle for a cup of tea.

The control unit that comes with the dish is a slick, easy to use, touch screen device which provides clarity and choice. Unique to this product is that the user is actually able to update their satellites themselves, something which allows you to tailor it to pick up what you want. When scanning for your satellites, you won’t be left with a galaxy of numbers and words. Next to each satellite that is in range will be a signal strength rating, helping you to make your decision on an informed basis, or give you the information you need so you can manually adjust the dish to pick up the strongest signal on your chosen satellite. Perfect for this is the fine pointing feature, which allows you to make those quick adjustments with the minimum of fuss.

SecureFix Direct - The MobilSat Dish In Action

SecureFix Direct – The MobilSat Dish In Action

Suddenly remembered that you didn’t turn the satellite off before you hit the road? It happens to the best of us. We leave the house and wonder “did I turn the plug off? Did I lock the back door? Did I switch the oven off?” With the MobilSat dish, there is no cause for concern. The autoretract feature that is included with this smart dish recognises when you start your engine and will kick into action immediately, meaning the dish will retract and there will be no damage caused. Even if your vehicle loses power, or malfunctions for any reason, the dish can still be retracted manually.

Modern, compact yet powerful. Bring your on the road TV experience into the 21st century and welcome in a world of high quality signals with high quality value and convenience.

From the team at SecureFix Direct,

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Be A Happy Camper!

In recent editions of this blog, we have focused on different aspects of caravanning and camping. This particular piece will be the final part of a double-header where we focus on useful accessories to take along with you on your trip. If you missed part 1, you can view that here.

Our focus this week are windbreaks and cooking equipment. Let’s face it, nobody likes being cold, and certainly not being hungry, especially when outdoors. Windbreaks do exactly what the name suggests. They provide a barrier between you and the wind chill. After the recent cold snaps we have been buffeted by, we would all welcome some respite, especially if you are on the camp or caravan site! Being a visual barrier, it also offers a degree of privacy so you can sit outside and do your own thing without prying eyes. If that thing is cooking, then the windbreaks can be a help due to its blocking of the wind which would in turn allow the flame to stay alive (overhead conditions dependant, of course!). Robert in March 2018 was effusive in his praise for the 6 metre green windbreak, saying that it offered him “perfect protection” and was “just the job” after he told us that his protection used to come from trees that got cut down and that they were not allowed to put up permanent fencing. We also have shorter, 4 metre windbreaks, for those who have a smaller set-up. Maybe you want a degree of privacy, without being completely shut off from everything and everyone. Our deluxe windbreak comes complete with two clear windows, so you can maintain that social element of camping without being blown away.

SecureFix Direct-Break The Wind Chill With One Of Our Windbreakers

SecureFix Direct-Break The Wind Chill With One Of Our Windbreaks

Above, I mentioned about cooking. Of course, when we are out camping or caravanning, we can’t take the kitchen with us. This doesn’t mean we need to ration ourselves. Our gas stoves are great for outside cooking. Portable but powerful, the gas stove is powered by standard butane gas cartridges and allows you to bring that taste of home with you. The gas stove is also available in a set with folding aluminium windshields, which help to protect the flame so you can cook with the minimum of fuss. By keeping the wind off the flame, it helps us all be happy campers!

SecureFix Direct - Gone Are The Days Of Struggling To Keep Your Fire Burning

SecureFix Direct – Gone Are The Days Of Struggling To Keep Your Fire Burning

No matter your outdoors experience, these extra additions to your trip are sure to serve you well, enhancing your caravan or camping experience.

From the team at SecureFix Direct,

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Stepping Into Caravan Season

The clocks went forward, and we all lost an hour in bed. This can only mean one thing. Winter is behind us. Over the last fortnight, we have looked at caravanning, focussing on getting your motorhome looking the part and then getting it transported safely to the site of your choice. What we haven’t discussed yet, however, is getting in and out of your caravan safely. Luckily, at SecureFix Direct we have several options so that you don’t lose your footing on top of that extra hour in bed.

Picture the scene. You and your family are taking a short weekend break at your favourite caravan site. You wake up the next morning to rain, something it has been doing all night. You decide to take a morning walk regardless. You go to step out of your caravan, but you slip. You don’t have a step, and your exit point is naturally wet. Not the best start to the day.It doesn’t have to be like that, though. We offer a range of steps, all of which are lightweight and portable, so they can be transported easily but also used just as comfortably.

SecureFix Direct - Stepping Out On A Rainy Day Doesn't Have To Be A Risk

SecureFix Direct – Stepping Out On A Rainy Day Doesn’t Have To Be A Risk

Carrying a maximum weight capability of 150Kg, our large plastic heavy duty step is a fine choice for getting in and out of your caravan whilst also having the potential to be used elsewhere. Perhaps you have young children, who need a helping hand to reach the sink or other points of interest. This step could then be used to give them the leg up they need. Maybe they are just the inquisitive type and want to watch Mom or Dad cooking in the kitchen. It’s perfect for that as well. As for your peace of mind, it is easy to store, so it can be kept out of harm’s way!

Alternatively, you may prefer the aluminium options that we offer. Both come with anti slip rubber pads, so even in the worst of weather, your footing will be assured. On top of being aesthetically pleasing, the aluminium steps are easy to wipe clean should they get dirty. The single step also contains rubber feet at the four contact points with the ground, giving you assurance and stability whether it is muddy or firm. If you are looking for the ultimate ease of storage, then our folding aluminium step is your best friend. Also carrying a maximum weight of 150KG, the step folds out to a maximum length of 480mm and a width of 300mm, giving you plenty of room to step onto. As with its non-foldable cousin, the folding step contains a non slip rubber pad, so you can keep your footing. Once used, simply fold it back up and you can then store it anywhere, such is the portability of this item.

SecureFix Direct – Stepping In Has Never Been So Easy

SecureFix Direct – Stepping In Has Never Been So Easy

Maybe the reason you were leaving your caravan was to go and fetch some fresh water. Now you have the step of your choice, you can continue on your way. Of course, to transport water, you would need a water carrier. Once again, SFD can equip you with what you need. Depending on the volume of water you wish to transport, we have water carriers that you can carry, and we also have ones with a handle for you to pull along with you. These do not have to be limited to camping use though, they are also ideal for use in the garden or for if you are doing a bit of DIY at home. The 10 and 15 litre water carriers come with a screw top and were a lifesaver when it came to the DIY project I have just completed. They are heavy duty and comfortably handle their capacity, and are manufactured from Food Grade Safe Material, so you don’t have to worry about making your water safe after transporting it in one of these carriers.

SecureFix Direct - Carrying And Transporting Water On A Trip Doesn't Have To Be A Daunting Prospect

SecureFix Direct – Carrying And Transporting Water On A Trip Doesn’t Have To Be A Daunting Prospect

I need to store more than that amount, I hear you cry. Panic not, for we have carriers available with capacities of 25, 40 and 52 litres. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to carry these! This selection of water carriers come with handles for you to pull the carrier once you have filled them up. Their large wheels ensure ease of movement, as we know that the ground may not be the easiest to traverse, and the body of the carrier is impact resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your load on the way back and wasting your journey to the pump. The 52 litre water carrier has a filler hose, so you don’t need to spend ages waiting for it to fill up. Smart and efficient, you can fill up quickly then roll it back to your caravan, safe in the knowledge that it is made out of heavy duty material which offers it not only a high degree of protection, but also durability.

From the team at SecureFix Direct,

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Fancying A Caravan Adventure?

The Vernal Equinox, or the start of spring, happened yesterday and whilst it may not seem like it to some, spring is actually here and the weather is going to get warmer. With this in mind, it is time to turn our attention to caravanning. With a growth in the “staycation”, where people opt to holiday domestically as opposed to abroad, caravan parks become the stand out destination for these so-called “staycationers”. Perhaps you are a seasoned caravanner, or a rookie looking to have their first caravan experience. No matter your expertise, SecureFix Direct will be able to provide you with the goods you require to make your stay a successful one.

SecureFix Direct - A Warm Spring Day Is Worth The Wait In This Peaceful "Staycation" Site

SecureFix Direct – A Warm Spring Day Is Worth The Wait In This Peaceful “Staycation” Site

Firstly, we shall look at jockey wheels. The overall purpose of a jockey wheel is to move and adjust your trailer with the minimum of fuss. They are available with standard wheels or pneumatic wheels. Pneumatic wheels work exceptionally well when they go over loose surfaces such as gravel, as the wider surface area of the wheel and the grooved tyre enables it to absorb and ride over the rough surfaces easier than a standard wheel. At SFD, we stock a variety of jockey wheels, including those with plastic rims and those with serrated tubes. The main advantage of using a serrated jockey wheel is that it will have a significantly higher load rating than normal jockey wheels. As an aside, if you opt to use a serrated jockey wheel, you must use a serrated trailer clamp alongside it. This is because of the interlocking nature of the ribbed tubing, which gives it a higher amount of grip and stability. No matter the design of the jockey wheel you opt to use, it is a piece of kit you simply cannot go without.

SecureFix Direct - One Of Our Double Pneumatic Jockey Wheels

SecureFix Direct – One Of Our Double Pneumatic Jockey Wheels

For use with the jockey wheels are trailer clamps. These simply clamp onto the tubing of the jockey wheel to hold them in place. They are also exceptionally easy to use, one simply turns the handle clockwise or anticlockwise to tighten or loosen the clamp, depending on the desired effect. Again, as with the jockey wheels, they are available as smooth or serrated, and must be used with the corresponding variation. All of our clamps are available individually or as part of a set with the accompanying jockey wheel, perfect for sorting both parts in one fell swoop.

SecureFix Direct - A Clamp In Use Keeping Grip On A Jockey Wheel Tube.

SecureFix Direct – A Clamp In Use Keeping Grip On A Jockey Wheel Tube.

A fantastic companion to the above essentials is our heavy duty jockey wheel receiver. Made from heavy duty rubber, making it weather resistant, the receiver is designed to hold your wheel to stop it from sinking into the ground and also prevents any sidewards movement. In short, the receiver offers you a buffer between your wheel and the ground. It also reduces the threat of puncture, something that is a concern among those who use pneumatic wheels. They are a universal size, designed to fit all jockey wheels, so you can rest assured that no matter the size of your jockey wheel, our receiver will fit it.

SecureFix Direct - Great For Keeping Your Jockey Wheels In Place

SecureFix Direct – Great For Keeping Your Jockey Wheels In Place

We also stock a selection of spare wheels for the more prepared caravanner. They are to be used only with jockey wheels of the same dimensions. A spare wheel is a must-have, for we never know when the worst may happen and we can avoid being stranded by being prepared for all eventualities. As if that wasn’t enough, they can be stored conveniently without having to worry about space or weight. The perfect companion!

The team here at SFD HQ would like to wish you all a prosperous spring

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Here Comes The Snow. Again…

We all thought we had seen the last of it. Alas, it is the middle of March and yet the snow still comes down to cause havoc. Be one step ahead of the pack in this latest snow flurry and be prepared by using some of our specialist equipment to help you get around that little bit easier.

How do you get around? Are you a driver? Try our recovery tracks and traction mats. They are compact in size but mighty in use, as they help to optimise your grip so you can get your journey off to a safe start. They can be stored in your car, so when you are stuck halfway up that hill, why panic? Just head to the boot and lay down the mat, and away you go again. No need for pushing all that weight uphill, no reliance on passers-by to give you that push you would otherwise need. The traction mats are available in two high visibility colours; orange and yellow.

Perhaps, like myself, you get around by walking. Whether it’s to the shops or to work, your legs are your vehicle. Anyone who has ever walked in these conditions know that the pavements can be treacherous, changes in level hidden and the dreaded ice can cause even the most fleet of foot to go down embarassingly(and often, painfully!). My journey into SecureFix Direct is a tricky one when the snow falls, but I combat it by using our snow shoes. Placed over your footwear, the studded overshoe offers you added grip, so whilst all those around you are losing their footing, you are able to walk on, trouble-free and most importantly, pain free. In my own use of the snowshoes, I have found that it takes me the same amount of time to walk to work in the snow using them, as it does in normal conditions. You can’t get any better than that! To help on longer, essential journeys, we have a variety of trekking poles available.

The team at SFD hope this blog finds you safe and well.

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Time To Shine!

The onset of spring is positive; it gives people hope, daylight increases and with it a higher amount of positive feeling and “get up and go”. The feeling of new beginnings, symbolised by the botanical blooming we as a nation always look forward to, is a great one, giving us the impetus we sometimes need to get things done and, like nature, have a fresh start. Being fresh is something that does not need to be self limited; why can this not apply to our possessions? Our motorhomes, our boats, our homes. We will spend a lot of time throughout the year in these places, creating so many happy memories, why should they be exempt from being ‘fresh’?

SecureFix Direct-Celebrating the much-heralded arrival of spring

SecureFix Direct-Celebrating the much-heralded arrival of spring

Our range of cleaning products, available in both 7 shot and 40 shot varieties, bring a new outlook to the idea of the spring clean. We offer a wide range of internal and external cleaners, all of which are environmentally friendly and deep-cleaning, offering a pleasant after-smell. There is nothing worse than an over-bearing cleaning smell which can make you weep; instead be greeted by a fresh citrus smell if you use the 40 shot wash up and waste water treatment. This is a washing up liquid that also doubles up as a grey water tank cleaner. Pleasant and versatile, it has the ability to last over 6 months based on recommended usage every 7 days. We have caravan and motorhome external body cleaner and internal multi-purpose cleaner through to toilet cleaner! Seeking something to clean the depths of your boat? Our bilge cleaner is perfect for the job. Whilst removing foul odours, it also cleans the difficult substances such as oil that can be a nightmare for other cleaning products. This success is down to the specially developed formula that was made here in Britain.


All our 7 and 40 shot cleaning products contain a safety sheet on the product page on the SecureFix Direct website, should it be needed. These are free to view and download.

Got a question, thought or comment? Drop us a line on one of the below platforms, we would love to hear from you!

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